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Thrift Find: Vintage Hot Pink Smoking Jacket

I thrifted this vintage hot pink smoking jacket at a Salvation Army I had never been to. The color was POP-PING! WOW! I have absolutely no use for a smoking jacket but I threw it in the cart anyway. It was $3.  I simply could not say no to that price so it came home with me! Mmmhmmm. 

hot pink smoking jacket

The brand name is DeWeese California. I did a Google search to find out more information. I found a very well known DeWeese Designs. I'm not sure it's the same designer though. DeWeese Designs was based in California too and specialized in swimwear. I wonder if this is a vintage knockoff.

I removed the arts & craft paper tag and washed it right away (by right away, I mean I ignored the 3 bags of dirty laundry we already have and added it to the next load...4 days later). It's 100% nylon so the color can withstand a million washes and still look just as amazing. 

I love it and was super excited to wear it yesterday. I did a test run to see how it works as a jacket. What do you think? Can it pass?

Is it strictly boudoir? This isn't the first time I've bought vintage lingerie. All of my muumuus and slips are vintage but they're functional. I used to sell the fancies on eBay but now I just hoard them. 

Hot Pink Smoking Jacket

I'm wearing this one outside. I'm going back to the drawing board on styling it though. All black is usually such a winning solution. 
hot pink smoking jacket

vintage pink smoking jacket // Deweese California / thrifted leopard belt // unknown / thrifted
tee // NY&Co | knit pants // Nine West
earrings // Oyonaa London / won in a giveaway | necklace // unknown / thrifted
watch // Amitron / thrifted | vintage bag // unknown / thrifted

Do you thrift vintage lingerie? What have you thrifted lately?

In other news, Krysta won the craft pouch o' goodies! Congratulations! I'll be emailing you.

If you have ideas for next month's giveaway (thrift or diy related) let me know.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Chandra said...

i have not thrifted any vintage lingerie, but this piece looks good on you! not sure if i could pull it off and most likely would have to cinch it at the waist with a belt and wear like a caftan. and if you figured out how to add some length to it, it could be refashioned into one. enjoy your weekend;)

Ask Nia B said...

I have thrifted lots of lingerie. I really like the color of this piece and you can totally pull it off indoors or out!

Tori D. said...

I love the look. I would personally be too scared, but that's just me. Maybe this will give me hope! lol

Silhouette de Femme said...

That is one hot smokin jacket & I would totally were it out! Then again I still sew & wear slip dresses! I just thrifted this vintage yellow lingerie that is in my machine now lol.

laniza said...

That color is truly popping! I think you can pull it off in public as long as you keep everything else tailored or structured.

Lisa Noel said...

love THE COLOR!!

Tia Lou said...

I think it works with all black!

Cher said...

Oh such a fun color! I am actually obsessed with Savers by me, its like a giant Goodwill and I always have luck!

Chioma said...

what a beautiful piece and i bet it will be a great conversation starter :)

C's Evolution of Style

Tyric said...

Well looks like you put that jacket to work. Nice find, and lovely turn out.
xoxo, Ty

Nikki said...

That jacket ROCKS - I love the color, the gold edging.. it's fabulous! What an amazing find :)
Nikki at

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Kenya Hunter said...

Oh my... can I just say that I absolutely LOVE this jacket! It is beyond fierce and such a great find!! Fabulous!

xo, Kenya

Kenya L Fashion Blog

Fashion Pad said...

Fabulous color, fabulous find!!! Love how you styled this piece :-)

Shon said...

This is very sassy and fun. The color is gorgeous on you!! Wear it girl!

Congrats Krysta!!! Please post photos wearing your gifts.

Corner Curl Girl said...

This is an awesome look and find, doll! :D

Karen Curtis said...

This is absolutely beautiful! What a great find!!


Reggie said...

Pink just isn't my color, though I have been known to wear a long sleeved pink oxford.

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