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Starbucks Delicious Pairings at the Walmart Bakery

While shopping at Walmart for our V-Day romantic dinner, I stopped at the bakery and spotted the Starbucks delicious pairings sign. "There's nothing like a delicious cup of coffee and a sweet bakery treat" were the words that jumped out at me. I had started my errand running without my daily coffee and now I wanted it! Real bad.

Starbucks Delicious Pairings

I tucked away my cravings and focused on getting a dessert to go with our meal. E's favorite kind of desserts are chocolate based so I chose chocolate turtle brownies. I also picked up Starbucks Dark Caffe Verona. There are lovers on the package. How perfect is that?

Starbucks Delicious Pairings

When I worked outside the home, I was a regular Starbucks customer ordering a tall coffee (dark roast) and a baked good 5 days a week. The coffee I ordered in store had a somewhat bitter taste and I sometimes added a bit of cream to tone down the sharp flavor.

Now that I'm home with V, I prefer to experiment with different brands and brew at home instead of going out.

Starbucks Delicious Pairings

While V napped, I brewed myself a cup. According to the package, Dark Caffe Verona has complimentary notes of milk and dark chocolate and caramelized sugar. When I opened the bag, the sweet smell was amazing and the chocolaty aroma became strong during the brewing process.

Starbucks Delicious Pairings

Seconds later, I cut myself half of a brownie and sat down to indulge. I took my first sip of the coffee and was surprised by how mild it was -- flavorful but mild. I'm used to getting a first sip jolt with dark roast. I took a bite of the brownie and then another sip of coffee. The coffee went from a mild taste to a lightly sweetened dark chocolate flavor. Yum!

Starbucks Delicious Pairings

It was nice to have this moment to myself and being able to drink coffee without a lid. My morning coffee usually has a lid so that it isn't knocked over in my morning shuffle. Lids also retain the coffee's temperature longer as I don't always get to drink it right away. I may have to move my morning coffee to nap time coffee. It was great to relax and enjoy.

Starbucks Delicious Pairings

Since we had a pretty busy week, we saved our romantic dinner until the weekend. I decided on Honey Chicken. It's a favorite of E and it's quite fitting as the chicken (and butter) is doused in lots of honey and baked to perfection. The chicken thigh is also shaped like the human heart. Too much? I also cooked his favorite veggie too -- greens simmered in coconut milk. There was a hint of sweetness in everything.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a brownie together. I brewed up the Caffe Verona and explained to him that it had a natural sweetness and he should try it black. That's my preference but not his. He likes his coffee heavy on the milk and sugar. I couldn't convince him to try it as is. We are opposites attracting.

Starbucks Delicious Pairings

He tasted it with the brownie and found it to be quite tasty anyway. Indeed, the Starbucks sign in the bakery at Walmart was spot on about the #deliciouspairings. There's nothing like a delicious cup of coffee and a sweet bakery treat. While I normally reserve my coffee for mornings or afternoon pick me up, sharing a cup of coffee and the Turtle Brownies from Walmart with E was a great way for us to relax, enjoy, and share an experience.

We had a perfect belated celebration. Not only a celebration of our love on Valentine's Day but the day we were engaged 8 years ago!

How do you drink your coffee? Do you pair it with a sweet treat?

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MommyFerg02 said...

I don't usually drink coffee but I do enjoy some Starbucks fraps. Anything is good with a sweet treat! :)

3 Giggly Monsters said...

Oh my sweet sweet Starbucks! I love their iced Fraps with a good cake pop:)

Shon said...

Wow, I missed my coffee this morning because I slept in LOL. I might have to brew a pot in a bit. I see you sporting your DIY ring in the post...clever!

Enjoy and thanks for the tip, I might have to try this flavor from Starbucks.

Silhouette de Femme said...

I like espresso & vanilla latte with just a touch of creme & sugar & no sweets. I like to brew my own espresso too. You guys are so lucky to have a Starbucks in your Walmart. Nice photos too.


Amanda said...

This is dangerous! I *try* to be good when I go in for my coffee but if they are telling me how great a sweet treat will be with it, I bet I will give in. Good marketing move Starbucks!

Candace Tarkeshian said...

I grew up in a religious background that very specifically had a no-tolerance policy for coffee. I think that's why I've never managed to acquire the taste. That said, I married a guy who *loves* a good coffee! Thank you for this review - I never know what to buy and having the opinion of someone who does know what to look for is extremely helpful!

Maria said...

I love Starbucks and their baked goods!! I love sitting at starbucks every now and then and just enjoying peace!

Chandra said...

believe it or not, i'm not a huge coffee drinker, unlike my husband. but i will indulge in a cup from time to time...usually with breakfast or as a treat, one of the iced coffee drinks from starbucks. i'll have to check and see if this is available in the k-cups.

Someday I'll Learn said...

I always have my coffee with a sweet treat. Yum!

Fashion Pad said...

I am not a coffee drinker but the description of the taste sounds yummy enough to try!

Marina said...

We don't have Starbucks here, and now when you mentioned it, I have such a cravings :D

AwkwardCara said...

I just discovered your blog.... Greens simmered in Coconut milk sounds delicious. Recipe please :)

Megan, said...

drooooling Xo Megan,

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