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Style File: maxi dress and lug bag

I believe dresses are the easiest pieces of clothing to wear. A fabulous non-wrinkling maxi dress even better. You throw it on and add an accessory or two and you're on your way *cues music from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood* (if you have a toddler this will make sense).

I tend to shy away from maxi dresses because they shorten me but some days I just don't care. Leaving the house during a time crunch without looking like Hattie McHausfrau leaves no time for a internal debate on the length of my legs.

OOTD Maxi Dress and Lug Mini Messenger

Interesting fact: In order to get this very moldable piece in my bag, I rolled it into a tight ball and stuffed it inside fake Tod. I was not playing!

Lapis Maxi Dress

I'm wearing another piece from the recent thrift haul. The Lug bag. I love it. I can fit so much junk in here! My standard mom bag items include a Coach wallet, keys, cell, and a sippy cup then I stuff it full of receipts, spare change and 10,000 lip balms that I can never find. Let's see how much this bag can really lug!

Maxi Dress and Mini Messenger

I topped off the look with some warm layers already in my closet. A corduroy blazer bought when they were super cool and trendy. I don't throw away blazers. I just wait for them to come back in style. Sometimes they still fit. 

Also wearing a white cardigan that I've been meaning to donate. It doesn't fit me well...and what do you do when you're wearing something ill fitting? Belt it, of course! I adore this snakeskin belt from the Savers thrift haul.

My final piece of flare is the lace infinity scarf I dyed and made myself. Thanks again for the yummy fabric, Ayana!

Maxi dress worn with layers
lace infinity scarf // me made
corduroy blazer // Gap
sweater // Gap / thrifted
snakeskin belt // unknown / thrifted
bag // Lug / thrifted
wedge boots // Corso Como

Are you a maxi dress fan? 
Who among you feel like you've gained a gamillion pounds over the holidays?

In other news: The winner of the $25 Peapod Gift Card is Kristy Thiel. Yay!!!!

Also, I'm considering a monthly giveaway of something from my thrift store haul. Would you enter a giveaway for gently used yet fabulous items?


Shon said...

Happy, Happy New Year!

I love the color combo, the purple with the green. Great skill on the scarf!

I would enter a thrifty giveaway.


Corner CurlGirl said...

Girl, I followed your blog immediately!! I love the name of this blog, your posts and photos! You are awesome--I will be back! :-)

Corner CurlGirl said...

By the way, I LOVE that skirt, LOVE it! Great pair with the scarf... :-)

Kenya Hunter said...

Love the pop of color that the bag and scarf adds! Great look!

xo, Kenya

Kenya L Fashion Blog

YUMMommy said...

I love maxi dresses and skirts. I've been trying to incorporate more into my wardrobe. They're stylish but don't take too much effort. I definitely feel like I might have packed back on a few pounds thanks all this holiday eating but hopefully this working out three days a week will take it back off.

Fashion Pad said...

I love the way you winterized this maxi! I'm definitely a fan of easy, chic maxis. And I don't mind thrifted items :-)

Rachel said...

You look cozy in that outfit! I don't often wear maxi dresses, but I think they look so cute on others!

That's My Mama said...

Happy New Year! I think you look great! Theres something about maxi dresses that make winter better. Perhaps its the fact that I can hide my unshaven legs lol.

And yes I would join in on a thrift giveaway!

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