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Major thrift haul at Savers and Goodwill!

Naturally, while in Ohio over the Thanksgiving weekend, I did some thrifting! I ended up buying more than I planned. I guess I got into the spirit of Black Friday. I visited 3 stores -- two Savers and a Goodwill. I ended up spending about $80! I would have spent more but I had a 25% off coupon from Savers.

No fights broke out and there was very little waiting in line. Thrift shopping for the win! Here's what I thrifted:

vintage coat with patch pockets and faux fur collar
Why did I thrift it? 
I don't own a wool coat and I was drawn to this one strictly because of the collar. I just love how it sits up. I felt like I was being hugged when I put it on.
vintage faux fur collar peacoat

vintage Forecaster of Boston wrap coat
Why did I thrift it? 
I bought this coat before I saw the faux fur collared coat. I love the fit on this one but if I had seen them both in the same store, I probably would have just bought the other one. So now I have 2 wool coats after having none for so long.
vintage Forecaster of Boston wrap coat

military jacket by Allen B (Allen Schwartz)
Why did I thrift it? 
I love black and gold together and I don't have this trend in my closet. It can easily perk up any outfit from jean to skirts and dresses.
military band jacket

vintage Winona Knits cardigan
Why did I thrift it? 
I need warm weather clothing and it's the perfect shape plus I can do some DIY'ing on it.
Winona Knits wool cardigan

vintage Christian Dior Monsieur cardigan
Why did I thrift it? 
The perfect cute "ugly" sweater. When I showed it to E, he said "why did you buy that ugly sweater"? Not only will I be trendy, I'm man repellent too!
vintage Christian Dior Cardigan

vintage bird print blouse with tie front (pussy bow)
Why did I thrift it? 
It's another on trend piece without the on trend price. I can experiment without spending beaucoup dollars. Just look at the price on this one from Alexander McQueen! It also appeals to my gaudy side.
bird blouse with tie front

vintage home sewn floral print maxi skirt
Why did I thrift it? 
It reminds me of an aztec print but it's a floral and it has tons of color. I want to shorten the length and wear it with all black.
Aztec floral print skirt

vintage JC Penney plaid wide legged cuffed trousers
Why did I thrift it? 
Total wildcard! Ever just like a piece and don't know why? That is what these pants are to me. They're high waisted and look really good on. Trust me! They work. Just wait. I'll show you. 
JC Penney plaid trousers
(Didn't realize how dirty these are! Hope that comes out in the wash. Major thrift tip no no.)

home sewn vintage print midi dress
Why did I thrift it? 
More beautiful color and the pleated skirt. This may be a chopper! I think it would be great as a skirt.
pleated midi dress

home sewn vintage wrap dress
Why did I thrift it? 
Another great color. It's a shimmery blue and gives off a 70s disco vibe. *cues anything Donna Summer*
vintage wrap dress

three vintage necklaces
Why did I thrift it? 
When I set out on my thrifting adventure, I told myself I was only looking for handbags and accessories. So yay for sticking to my list! Sort of.
vintage necklaces

a skinny snakeskin and Anne Klein belt
Why did I thrift it? 
Lions always have a place in my closet and I just happen to pick up the snakeskin belt that was next to the Anne Klein. I couldn't decide which one to get so..ya know. I'll take 2!
snakeskin and Anne Klein belt

Why did I thrift it? 
I'm trying to step up and add some jewelry to my life. We'll see how it goes.
bangles bought at savers

Why did I thrift it? 
I plan to wear them as bracelets. The Amitron in front reminds me of the kind of watch my grandmother wears. I like the links on the Pulsar. The one in back is a Jules Jergensen. I didn't understand why the sales lady was telling me that until I researched it later.
Amitron Pulsar and Jules Jergensen watches

Why did I thrift it? 
I was going to sell them after doing a bit of research but decided to keep them instead. Another one for my kitsch side.
Zalo shoes

Why did I thrift it? 
It's cold in the windy city! It also started to snow and was freezing cold while I was out shopping. I'm sure that influenced me a bit.
zero xposur winter gloves

suede sweater furry boots
Why did I thrift it? 
I felt bad about spending so much money on myself. Not really. V has one pair of boots in a size 7 that just fit her. These are a size 8 so she can wear them now and if her feet grow over winter. They're also adorable!
pink suede girls boots

Stride Rite patent leather t straps
Why did I thrift it? 
Another pair for Ms. V. Her one pair of dress shoes are missing in action so now she has a replacement pair in case the other ones never resurface. It's as if they have legs. Not in the house at all.
Stride Rite patent leather girls shoes

What do you think? Worth the $80?

In other news: I attended a pretty awesome launch party for Check out my recap on Thrift. City. Life.


Ask Nia B said...

ummm, YES, totally worth $80! I was literally having a "thrift attack" (I go twice a week) and you just inspired one more trip this week for me!

FabEllis | Beauty, Fashion + Natural Hair said...

I am like in love with your finds! I literally love EVERY piece. Completely worth $80!

Tia said...

Def worth $80!! I loved everything, especially the midi dress!!

Nika Marie said...

My ol my! You certainly found some
Nice pieces along with getting your money's worth!

Mimi said...

That 2nd coat is everything. I desperately need a coat. I have been looking for one and can't find one. I need to hurry up before I have to go retail because it is getting really cold.

Jeannee said...

YES! Love your selection! But ... when I saw that Armitron watch, my heart stopped ... let's see - circa 1982, my soon to be first husband -- I do believe that was a Christmas gift he gave me (Gaaad, I hope it's not the same ONE! ;- )

laniza said...

That first coat is the business. I'm still mad at my sister for making me walk away from a sweet fur coat at Savers. I went back to get it and that sucker was gone like the wind!

chrissi said...

These are all AMAZING finds! I especially love the fur trimmed coat, ugly sweater, and pussy bow blouse.

Yanira Garza said...

But I love these coats...when are we shopping together?

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