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Thrifted Treasure: lace skirt, leather trench, and coach

After trying so hard to reign in the shopping, I had a binge. My normal max is $20 when thrift shopping and I spent $43 at the 50% off sale at Unique. There were just too many goodies and I had 2 big ticket items that were $10 a piece!

I thrifted:

a vintage Coach bag, basic black tee, and a pink pencil skirt
If the price is right for Coach, I never pass them up because of the good resale value. I do like how this one looked draped across my body so it may me a keeper.

The tee (and the ones following) were new. I never seem to have enough basic tees in my closet.

I simply loved the color on the skirt and I've been hunt for pencil skirts.

white tees from Gap and Danskin

I don't normally buy Target brand at the thrift store because the prices always seems to high for thrift. I liked the hem on this Mossimo one so I made an exception.

vintage nightgown for my Etsy
I liked the color and ruffly trim at waist and hem.

 sequin knit sweater made in Hong Kong
The sequins are so full and sparkly and it's a lambswood / angora mix. It will be able to function as a topper once the temps start to dip.
SN: Sorry about the v-flash from Carrie. She doesn't normally go around bottomless.

new with tags lace skirt from Sunny Leigh
I love the fit on this one. It's really stretch and looks great on the curves.  I do believe this is the only lace in my closet.
SN: yep now she's topless...

and this gem right here!
A leather trench with a fish tail peplum from Michael Hoban. I saw one selling online for $300 so I don't feel so bad about my $10 splurge. I absolutely love it!

What were your finds this weekend?


LV said...

Great finds! I have not been thrifting in a couple of weeks

FabEllis said...

WOW! These are some awesome buys! I love that Coach purse, the sequin top and the leather jacket. Nice!

jerseytjej said...

That coat is fierce! I love a saddle bag so that Coach (if it appears) may be mine :)

Rochelle said...

WONDERFUL finds! I love the last pic that trench is hot! The little cutie in the photo steals the show though!

dedivahdeals said...

Great finds, I try not to put a budget in my head because I blow it every time. Have a great day.

Vanessa said...

awwww baby!!!!!!! so cute!!
love the pencil skirt, that is a great find. you will be wearing that everywhere!!

great haul!!

hugs, Vanessa

DaenelT said...

I have NEVER seen a Coach in a thrift store. Who would do that? And why can't I find one? *tantrum over* Totally digging that leather coat. I love myself some leather coats, the funkier the better. I have a fab red one that I need to find a faux fur collar for so I can look all Foxy Brown and e'erything.

My find this week were a fabulous pair of cowboy boots, you can see them here:

Ellen aka Ellie said...

I have donated Coach bags. Only one do I still wish i had.

I am going to a wedding later this month, wish I lived close enough to borrow that lace skirt!

Carrie Teal said...

You found some great finds, my fav is that sequin jacket . I haven't thrifted lately but I hope to a little this weekend.

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