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Thrifted Treasure: Frye, Betseyville, tees and midi skirts

Every Monday at my local Unique there's a 50% off sale. I hardly ever go anymore because it's hard to navigate with V and the masses. I was feeling adventurous so I went for a quick drive by intending to look through the skirt aisle only.

I'm also showing off my new mannequin Carrie. One of the Thriftanistas in the club bought 2 at a store closing sale. She knew I wanted one and graciously agreed to sell it to me.

Carrie's body is very Sara Jessica Parker. Small and shapely.

This is.....

What I Thrifted

purple striped tee from Divided by HM (2.50)

pink and green floral button front midi skirt ($2)

yellow Ann Taylor Loft skirt ($2)

purple and red Old Navy tee ($2)

Betseyville chain strap purse ($3.50)
I love Betsey Johnson's "eff it" style. She doesn't care about trends. She just says I like sequins, I like flowers, I like pink. I'm putting it all on a purse. That's how I imagine her design process works.

Party in the front and party in the back!

Frye sandals ($5)
These will probably end up on eBay. They look brand new. There's no wear on the bottom. My post baby shoe size is 8 1/2. These are an 8. Too small? My heel is right at the edge. 

I visited a couple of estate sales over the weekend. I didn't buy much. This sale happened to be really expensive and they didn't slash prices until 3 hours before end of sale. Boo.

vintage italian made leather decanter ($15) for E's fancy cognac

vintage aviator sunglasses ($2)
E ended up claiming these. They are super dark!
Hi toes!

What have you thrifted lately?


Suburban Style Challenge said...

OMG that Betsy Johnson purse was a GREAT find! I agree with you on how her design process must work. She's so carefree and whimsical and fun... and so are her designs.

I've been on the hunt for a mid-90's Betsy Johnson velvet dress, haha.

And I love the way that striped top and the floral skirt look together!

Steph said...

i love your styling! that striped shirt and floral skirt look like a ton of fun!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

The sandals look okay, keep 'em.

The bag is so girlie, love it!

I also like the yellow skirt and purple stripe T. I love yellow, and I love stripes!

Got my prize by the way!

YUMMommy said...

Love the Betsy Johnson purse! I thrifted some goodies for JJ & my bff's daughter this weekend. Might post about it later on tonight.

Neche said...

I love the skirts and everything is really cool!PLEASE,VISIT,COMMENT AND FOLLOW MY BLOG AT

Splendor said...

The sandals are cute and don't look too small but I don't like for my sandals to be exact if you know what I mean. I actually went to the the thrift store yesterday and even though I didn't find anything I was entertained. Some young guys came in and started trying on ladies dresses. They seemed to pick the most dreadful Granny dresses to try on too.

foodieinchicago said...

Sandals are cute color keep em! I also like how the yellow skirt and purple colors mesh so nicely, cool picks!

Carrie Teal said...

Lots my friend, I have gotten a dress, h&m shirt, leather jacket, gold belt I made into a necklace. At my local goodwill I like to stop a couple times a week because it is convIently located by my house, they have two pairs of frye boots, they are a 7 1/2 to big but man someone could get lucky. I have gotten a pair of Kate spade pumps there before. I love my kids love the thrift store, my 5 year son has obsession with boys silky basketball shorts:)
I love the floral skirt you found, I am on the hunt for a floral bottom.

carolina. said...

Hi!:) Love this post :) Found today your blog and i´m a new follower! Hope you can follow my baby blog back :) Kisses

Hayyleyyx said...

nice !

The Curvy Girl said...

I love thrifty buys! I just picked up (from Goodwill) a pair of white jeans by Ralph Lauren for $5, a pair of ankle pants from Talbots for $3 and a new w/ tags pair of Harve' Bernard pants for $3 (retail was $120!!!!).

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