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Thriftanista Style File: Floral pants

I had a very busy weekend with Thriftanista Social Club. On Saturday we attended the Modern Vintage Chicago's Spring Clothing and Jewelry Explosion. Three floors of vintage. Every stall had unique pieces. There was a ton of merchandise to see including clothing, jewelry, fabric, magazines, sunglasses, refashioned vintage, furniture, and so much more! Wow.

and this is What I Wore.

The pants are thrifted. I'm loving the floral pants that are trending right now so I thought I would give a try. The pants I found are great. High waist.  No waistband. Ankle length and tapered.  Really comfortable to wear except with tights. Oye bad move on my part. I was so uncomfortable with them sticking to me all day. Other than that, I love them and I think they will work well in my summer wardrobe out at the playground. I shall buy more.

Oversized sweater - Kenar
Floral tapered pants - Kate Hill (thrifted)
Grey oxfords - Style & Co.
This is what I coveted.
I was making a weird face so I lopped off my head in this one.
How gorgeous is this jacket? It was perfect for me and I did not buy it. It was on the sale rack at the first stall I visited. $10. It's a tangerine suede peplum jacket from the 70s. Seriously, doesn't that just scream me? I wish I had a picture of the back too. It's a gorgeous piece. I was hesitant about purchasing because it would have to be cleaned and the cost would be high and I knew it would go into my huge stack of dry cleaning pile. In the end, I left it behind and now all I have is this picture to look back on and reminisce. <-- dramatics

I didn't buy anything on Saturday but I made up for it on Sunday! The thriftanistas visited the 50% off sale at Village Discount Outlet. Major haul! I bought 16 items for just under $30. Almost everything I picked up worked well for me. I was having a very good shop day. I think all of us left with a pretty big bag or 3.

These pics don't do my finds justice. I can't wait to style up my new old spring wardrobe.

The tops
Black camp shirt (brand new w tags), silk leopard print blouse, lime green button up

More tops
Yellow button up, hot pink blouse, striped tunic shirt

I have a history with the jacket on the right. About 3 weeks ago I saw it in the store. with a $7 price tag. Yesterday it was still there marked down to $6 and 50% off. Now the best part. My cashier didn't ring it up along with 4 other items! I was gabbing during my entire checkout. I didn't notice until I got home.
Vintage sparkly top and jacket

The dresses
Indian tunics

Neon yellow dress

A lightweight cardi
Striped jersey knit from People Like Frank

A bottom
Floral shorts (can I get a YAY for elastic waist!)

For sale
Vintage vanity fair slip, avon gown, beeline lounging tunic

Did you thrift? What did you get?
Floral pants? Yay or Nay?


Kish said...

The yellow dress is serious, but the first I noticed was your glowing skin!

Kish said...

...that should say "...the first THING I noticed..."

Mama Violet said...

Thanks. Glow provided by Google+ Creative Kit! :)

Splendor said...

I'm seeing these floral pants are in ...not sure if I'm up to wearing it though. As usual you look great!

That's My Mama said...

Ok I love that yellow dress! You got some great pieces!

Playing Hooksies said...

I LOVE the relaxed style of your first photo. Seriously close to something I'd wear :) Three floors of vintage? You've got to be kidding me! Jealous! ^___^ You have a new follower!

Style Agent 909 said...

A Yay on the floral pants. Cuuuuute! But you're right, nix the tights next time. I sure would have like to have gone to that vintage show. Next time your club does something big let me know. I'd like to visit the Windy City.

Carrie said...

Great finds! Lucky you!

Style in the City

Mama Violet said...


Mama Violet said...

Thanks! I'm really please with my purchases. I can't wait to wear the yellow dress.

Mama Violet said...

It was a great day. I had never been to that type of event. There was so much to see. You needed 2 days to get through it all.

Following back..

Mama Violet said...


The group is on facebook too. Feel free to check us out. We talk thrift and you don't have to live in Chicago. I do post all of our meetups there too. Maybe you can join us at one of them.

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Carrie!

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