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Thriftanista Style File: Animal print and peep toe patent

I buy clothing that just aren't appropriate for traipsing through the park with V. By traipsing, I mean casually strolling for all of 10 seconds and then it's all marathon running to stop V from falling off of something or pretend racing (even though it's pretend, I'm still faster and I always win).

This is yesterday's park attire. I think I need to take it down a notch since we'll be spending more time outside running around and playing in dirt/sand. I need to banish all low rise jeans from my closet. I mooned folks all over the park.

This prompted a thrift store excursion, of course. I found 3 pairs that are a little closer to my belly button. One of them being a vintage pair that are just above my belly button. I feel very Crissy Snow (Three's Company) in them.

I was hot yesterday in this jacket. Not HAUTE but hot! It was 80 degrees!!!! In Chicago! In March! What? I didn't want to take my jacket off though. The random tee I'm wearing underneath is shorter than the jacket. I was serving up enough backside already.

Zebra print jacket/shirt - Covington (thrifted)
Skinny jeans - Akira
Black patent flats - unknown (thrifted)
Yellow plastic "banana" bracelet - unknown (thrifted)
Are you waiting for high waist to trend again?
What's your park play momfit?

*I have a pair of Hudson jeans listed on eBay, check it out here.


melody-mae said...

You make me laugh...flashing people at the park huh??? I have found some awesome jeans at Old Navy and also some Lee jeans that are both mid rise, so I don't flash any cracks! hehe. Love the outfit though, very HAUTE!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Give her a year or so, and then she'll win!

Bobbi Janay said...

Funny that I found you through WWW. I am a notorious mooner with my pants.

I have to say I actually prefer mid rise jeans, I wore one too many pairs of rockies in my rodeo queen days to do high rise again.

Hope you'll stop by.

Jersey Blogess said...

hahahaha, you crack me up - sounds like fun!! and i love the jacket so I too would prob just been dying in the heat than to take off that fab jacket.


I love that jacket.

Mesmerize said...

you look wonderful! love that zebra jacket:)
please visit me in free time:)

Nellie said...

80 degrees! man I thought 70 was a big deal in NYC! love the shoes! park attire for me is usually a sweatsuit and sneaks because I know i will be running and climbing with the boy :)

Splendor said...

Yes, you need park clothes mama b/c that outfit is sexy! lol.
I keep a pair of jeans/capri's just for feeding the duck day.

Be Blessed

Tiff said...

I loved the weather yest!!! Whooohooo. "servin up backside" almost made me fall out of bed LOL

Mama Violet said...

Thanks! One of the thrifted pairs is lee. I love them. They come all the way up!

Mama Violet said...

Rodeo? Cool.

Mama Violet said...

Thanks for commenting everyone. My old new jeans are washed and ready to go! Now I have to find more appropriate shoes and ditch the jacket at the playground!

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