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Mama Manual: How to Shower Alone

Step 1: Go to YouTube

Step 2: Create a playlist

Step 3: Add the following:

This is at least a 7 minute shower (auto repeat for longer). 
You're welcome.

I have never seen V so transfixed. 

What songs/videos mesmerize your little one?


Quiana said...

ha ha! yep that's what i do. nia loves the sesame street playlist of about 20 videos that someone created. if i do that one i can shave my legs too! lol! whatever works, right?

Mama Violet said...

what is this magic playlist? we have 20 songs on repeat and I'm dying for new music. I remember before V, I was all into no tv, no radio, no videos. It really is whatever works. A shower where I don't have to sing "If you're happy and you know it" is BLISS! Going over to twitter to ask you about this playlist now...

Splendor said...

I can sooo relate to the interrupted showers/ baths. My eldest loved the Disney Sing Along tapes especially "Under the Sea."

Mama Violet said...

Aww. Does she sing along? I love hearing V sing.

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