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Violet Says - Check Out My Books

This is one of my favorites.

Nice illustrations.
Some laughs.
Poignant moments.
Thought provoking.
Makes you smile.
Lots of twists and turns!
Wow, I totally didn't expect that to happen!
Have you read this one?


Cward said...

First I love her royal princess baby diva purple chair, second I want to join her book club and a big girl purple chair for myself :-) Happy reading Violet.

That's My Mama said...

Oh my goodness this child is adorable! Train up a child...books are awesome :)

YUMMommy said...

You've got some good reading selections there Violet! We are a book loving household as well.

Mama Violet said...

Every woman who has come to the house has tried to sit in the chair. I love it to. I want one that reclines.

She reads all of her books every. day. Today, I read one to her and made up my own story. She corrected me! She has them memorized.

Mama Violet said...

Thank you. Violet and I both agree with you on the awesomeness of books!

Mama Violet said...

I love it! What kind of books does Moo read?

Lisa C said...

LOL...those pics and illustrations are too cute! And so is miss Violet :-)

Mama Violet said...

Thank you!

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