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Thanksgiving Recap

This was to be a scheduled post but time got away from me on Wednesday. Thanksgiving morning we hit the road headed to Toledo, OH. Now this is a post-holiday recap Sunday post.

Violet was a very good road trip companion. She happily sat in her new car seat. Ate lots of mum-mums and took long naps. She slept most of the way back as she only had 7 hours of sleep overnight.

Our Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful. Our family took a road trip to visit with friends. We were suppose to leave on Saturday but we were having such a good time we stayed 1 more day. Violet played with all the other children and stayed up late every night. The schedule and rules went out the window.

We spent our time lounging around, eating, eating, and eating some more. Our host prepared an amazing feast. Gahhh! I know I've gained a few pounds. Portion control was not in my vocabulary. He proudly out danced a youth in a rousing game of Just Dance for Wii. Violet and another baby spoke in their language. We believe they were plotting an escape or discussing how great diaper changes are.

I did have a chance to do some shopping. I did a half day of thrifting on my own. I let the GPS guide me to 4 great thrift stores -- a Goodwill, a Savers, Neighborhood Thrift, and Christian United Thrift. I scored 10 items for $27 including a pair of super soft dark Hudson Jeans. Unfortunately, I can't get them over my thighs. eBay it is.

I give thanks for this absolutely wonderful long weekend and the great weather. What a nice bonus!
Picture was taken a few weeks ago on my way to an event. It's completely random but I am wearing my $4 thrifted metallic gold leather jacket.
I haven't downloaded the handful of pictures I took over the holiday. I'm relaxing, enjoying the last bits of the holiday with a glass of Lucky Duck's Pinot Grigio.

How was your holiday? Did you overindulge? Shop?


Nicole said...

Really great to have you Ed and Violet visit us inToledo. Lots of fun.....and yes, I will be on the treadmill.

Lisa C Writes said...

Family time is so beautiful! Sound like you guys had a great time and how wonderful was it Violet had a good road trip :-)
Loving that Jacket ;-)

YUMMommy said...

Glad everyone had a blast.

Mama Violet said...

@Nicole We can't wait to go back to Toledo! #wordsineverthoughtiwouldsay

@Lisa C Writes We are so happy with how smooth the trip was for her. Thanks for the jacket love. Gold leather ain't for everyone!

@YUMMommy it was a blast! So many good times.

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