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Thrifting Thursday: Cheetah & Denim Treasure

This was not my intended outfit. I was trying out the cheetah top with a beautiful vintage pink Oleg Cassini skirt. I thought it would be cute. I looked very matronly though. I was pressed for time trying to beat the clock on V's nap when I took this picture. I snatched up the pants in the nick of time. She woke up soon after. I'll have to come up with something else for the skirt. It's long full and pleated. Thoughts?

I'm learning so much about how I dress by taking pictures. I wish I could do it everyday. There would be a lot of yoga pants and nursing tanks though. *yawn*

Anyway here it is.

I'm wearing a Liz Claiborne animal print from decades past. I do believe there's a comeback for Liz that happened or is happening. Anybody know?

The fabric is lightweight and just a little bit transparent. It requires no ironing and it's nursing friendly. It hides a full belly too without being humongous. It has side slits that hit me at my upper waist probably due to it being a petite size and me having a long torso.

The jeans are Gap brand circa 2008. "Old school" denim is the best! I didn't notice until today that they were $3.90 so I went over per garment limit. They fit well, have a nice high rise, and a dark wash so I still think they're a good purchase. I can probably wear these with flats too. Most jeans are way too long on me.

Gawd, I've read the manual and my picture quality is getting worse. Le sigh.
If your ensemble fails you, do you take it off and start over?
Are you a fan of at waist or high waist pants? Do you seek them out despite trends?


DaenelT said...

Very cute. I like the top, this only reinforces my belief that I need to go thrifting with you.

I've started learning a lot from taking pictures of my outfits too. I don't know why, but looking in the mirror is not the same as seeing something in a picture format.

I have been known to look at the picture, strip down and start all over thought... LOL The hubs is not a fan of the camera. Hahahaha

Tiff said...

I have been late to work many a day fooling with clothes.

Mama Violet said...

@DaenelT one day! I still want to do a thrifting road trip across the country.

I know what you mean about the mirror. My original outfit was decent in the mirror and fugly in the pic.

Mama Violet said...

@Tiff I used to go to work in the whack outfit. I called them dorkfit and they really messed with my attitude. I probably should have just gone in late....

Tricia said...

i dont own a full length mirror and usually just trust what i have going on. i must looka mess some days. lets get the thriftin across america trip together.

Mimi said...

I will completely be late where I am going if I don't like my outfit. I really hate when I have it planned out in my head and then it doesn't work out IRL. Tragic.

Mongs said...

ah...this is just what I need for inspiration monday. A leopard top! Gorgeous. I'm short, so high waisted pants is good for elongating my legs.

You should pop over to Two bird's INpsiration Monday, they are having a leopard printed top outfit inspiration.

Thanks for following, following back!


simplychic said...

cute top!! and it's so perfect with the jeans.

since the skirt is a bit matronly, a sexy heel is a great choice and probably a tank or bodysuit up top.

Mama Violet said...

@MimiI think I need to take the extra time. This isn't the first time I've seen an outfit fail in the camera.

Mama Violet said...

@MongsThanks for the suggestions. I'll try it with a tank and see what happens. I'm always searing for new blogs so thanks for enabling! Love your blog!

Mama Violet said...

@simplychic thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. Love your blog!

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