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Shoe Style Saturday: Caged Wedge

I bought these in my 2nd trimester. I felt great and was looking forward to rocking these with my hot preggo bod and then the 3rd trimester happened and these used were put in the back of the closet. I wore them once on my birthday last year.
My birthday last year.
I've worn them more this year but I still haven't mastered strolling and babywearing in heels.


DaenelT said...

Wow! Girl! Those are hawt. I never even thought of wearing heels when I was pregnant. I just barely managed barefoot. LOL

Mama Violet said...

I love to wear heels. I needed the extra height to go with the girth. My birthday was special, I wore flip flops and tennis shoes most days.

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

These are cute. Still looking stylish while prego. Loves it!


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