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Road Trip

Look at those itty bitty teeth.

What I've learned on V's first road trip:

Just because you've timed the drive to coincide with naptime doesn't mean the nap will occur. V slept about 30 minutes and that was before we hit the highway. She was cranky and wanted out for the remainder of the trip.

Static on the radio is the best for soothing babies.

V cannot cope if someone is in the backseat with her.

I need a better wet bag and storage for cloth diapers if I'm going to travel with them. When I removed the hot (90 degree heat) soiled dirty dipes from the car. My o' my! The stench! I also had to carry an extra bag filled with diapers for the trip.

Babies need a whole lot of extra. One night stay and there were 5 bags for all of us!

V is a wild sleeper. She was perpendicular at one point and then shifted to a position with her butt in my chest. She also crawls in her sleep.  If we were regular co-sleepers we would need a california king.

Showering while holding a baby isn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Relax and enjoy the chaos that ensues from abandoned nap and bedtime schedules. She gets a little loopy if she's been up too long. Watching her play peekaboo with herself quite entertaining.

I want to take V to meet her relatives in Africa before the year is over. What is that going to be like? Traveling Mamas, how do I make future trips smoother?


Laila said...

I've flown with my son several times (longest flight was 4 hours) and driven about 11 hours with him. When we drove he was a little over a year old and slept most of the way. Now that he's older he has so many gadgets that will occupy his time that it's a bit easier. That wasn't much help,lol.

Mama Violet said...

LOL. I'll note it for later. i hope V will sleep on the long trip.

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

Awww...she is just toooo cute.


Mama Violet said...

Thanks Dhalia.

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