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Nail Polish Love - The 80s Called....

Sinful Color's Neon Melon
Great color but I had to apply 3 coats and it still wasn't very opaque. Extremely light and watery.

It chipped and lifted within a day because of all the coats I had on.

I really want this to work. I love it! Next time I will add a thicker polish underneath.

Neon polish anyone?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

No thanks!

I use a bonder, so especially when my nails are short, I go about six days without a chip. Of course, I'm no sure if you go six days without a color change!

DaenelT said...

That is some bright nail polish! I love the neon oranges and pinks. I think my skin is too yellowish for the yellows and greens.

Mama Violet said...

Wow Ellen! 6 days? That's great. Maybe I should try a bonder.

I'm not sure neon complements any skin tone. It's fun though!

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