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11 months: Moving Along

She loves

Daddy - stalks him as soon as he enters the room.

peek-a-boo - she loves to cover her eye or both eyes, the side of her face, or hiding her head behind objects. She does it while she's nursing, while I change her diaper, when eating, basically all day every day.

clapping - She is so amazed by all her hands can do right now.

the dishwasher - still her BFF

water - First time in a pool and she loved it. I have video. It's kinda long though so I want to edit it. Hopefully I'll learn how to do that before her 18th birthday. :P

books, specifically Petting Farm - our very loose reading of the book cracks her up.

She sleeps

Nothing new here. One night she slept from 7pm to 4am straight. This was the longest stretch of sleep she's had in awhile. I gave some serious thought to what I did that was different from all the other nights. I did slip into her room that night around 11p and that woke her a bit but she fell back asleep with a pacifier. Did I reset her clock? I'm afraid to do it again and have her wake up ready to partay.

Her naps are decent. She takes them willingly most of the time. They range from 30 mins to 2 hours! I never know when that 1 1/2 to 2 hour nap is going to occur. It's kind of like hitting the lottery. Not really but it's pretty friggin awesome when it happens.

I wonder if her random sleep is because of lack of a consistent nap and eating schedule? Is this just being a baby?

She eats

She really works her 2 little teeth when chowing down on the mum-mums. She still eats them like a delicacy. She likes cheese and hard boiled eggs (yolk only). Her appetite for food hasn't really picked up much. She'll take a few bites of anything we put in front of her but she doesn't eat it with gusto like she does the Ella's Kitchen pouches. She inhales those. I'm too cheap to feed them to her all the time though.

Yesterday she nursed all day never going more than 2 hours before signing for milk and grabbing at my shirt. I think it's comfort nursing though. I need to go to my breastfeeding bible (kellymom) to read up on this. She's on a couple of minutes then off a couple ALL DAY LONG. Beyond over it.

She communicates

Her new words are "bye" and "diaper". She's waving and signing for milk. She can also point to her stomach when I ask where are belly is.

She cries in protest when I remove objects she shouldn't have from her hands or try to pick her up while she's at the walker. This has never happened. Refusing to be picked up? Who's baby is this?

She walks?

This is coming up next. She's a seasoned crawler and cruiser and gets around very fast. She's practicing standing without assistance. She's so excited when she finds the right balance. Then she starts clapping, or waving, or peekabooing which breaks her concentration and she wipes out. She stands up and tries it all over again. For the past few days, she's been using the walker to move around. Her first time using it was really funny. She just grabbed it and took off one morning. Rolled right past our surprised faced.

Little Miss V is definitely having a party next month but I haven't done a thing to prepare. 
Did you/are you going all out for a 1 year old bash or keeping it simple and low key?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

Simple, family and friends. It's nice to wait until they're old enough to remember it before going all out.

Love reading these updates!

Laila said...

What a great update! I wish I had kept a record of BB like this! She is so precious.

Mama Violet said...

I'm glad I have the updates too. I have a horrible memory and I never got around to making a baby book.

demikacaldwell said...

Nice blog & post! Yes, I went all out for both of my daughters first birthdays, but I do that with all of my parties. :) The first one was held at a restaurant with a carnival theme. I had a clown & magician for entertainment, snow cone, cotton candy, pizza, cocktails for adults and other goodies. For my second daughter, I hosted it home with a fairy theme. I had wood dragonflies & butterflies for the kids to paint & take home. Then I had a fairy character that read stories, did face painting, balloons and other activities. However, I've attended some small intimate parties that were very nice too. Have fun planning & hosting!

Mama Violet said...

Thanks Demika. Your parties sound amazing! It's still looking like a pretty low key event. I still haven't started planning anything.

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