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Wordless Wednesday - Pointing Is Bad Manners

One of us woke up every 2 hours last night.

One of us had a nap this morning.

One of us lost a few points on the cutie scale.

One of us is buying the other one sushi for lunch.

One of us will be woken up every 2 hours throughout the night on their 16th birthday.


Girl...get a life said...

She's super duper cute. But, then again, she wasn't waking me up every 2 hours.

When she's 16, I will remind you that you said you were gonna return the favor and wake her up!

Laila said...

LOL! Tooooo cute!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

My gramma would be saying, "Point that again and I will break it off!"

Mama Violet said...

@Girl Please make a memo.

@Ellen V does nibble on it if it gets too close.

legsnshoes said...

Lol. Yes, every two hours is unacceptable. But shesho cute.

Mama Violet said...

@legsnshoes Today she woke up at 4:10am today. I don't know which drains her cutie points faster constant waking or waking before the rooster crows.

Tricia Hersey said...

i want her.

Mama Violet said...

@Tricia I'll loan her to you.

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