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VIP Moms Grand Re-Opening of the Denim Lounge

Last night I had a lovely weekday momcation. Laila invited me out to the VIP Moms Party for the Grand Re-Opening of the Denim Lounge.  I was super excited to go and meet a fellow tweeting blogging mom in person. She also works, is in school, and practicing to be a doula - WOW!

It was great meeting her in the flesh. She's so nice. She has a good energy too. My social anxiety weirdness went away as soon as I saw her. I didn't have to load up on the liquid courage juice at all.

Loving that flower in her hair.

I noshed on really good pizza from Robey's, washed it down with a cup of red and then a cup of white provided by Lush PLUS a couple of mini cupcakes from Sprinkles.

Liquor, pizza, and cupcakes. So wrong but so right.
There were fruit and veggies too. I ate a lil bit of that too. Not as fun as the alcohol, salt, fat, and sugar!

I got a mini-manicure provided by Head 2 Toe Mobile Spa. I chose purple polish because we all know by now....PURPLE IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!

I had my handwriting analyzed by Sylvia Friedman. She told me I had trouble giving up control, I need to ask for help more often, I needed a lot of love, and I had good managerial skills. Hmmmm. I don't know. I heard some truths in her explanations but still....hmmmm.

At the end of the night, I won a cute little red book and got a nice goodie bag.

Lots of pretty pictures inside of the book.
There's a 1 day class pass for Stroller Strides in the bag. I will be taking advantage of it this summer.
How long would I have to stride to work off 2 glasses of wine, 3 slices of pizza, and 2 mini-cupcakes?

Fabulous event! I didn't try on any jeans though. I'll have to go back for a fitting and find a nice pair. I've never owned premium denim.

What about you? Do you splurge or go for budget jeans?


Girl...get a life said...

You look cute!!!

I buy higher end jeans but only when they're on sale.
They last longer and fit the but properly.
I hate a saggy butt.

Cher said...

Sounds like a yummy event!

Mama Violet said...

@Girl Thanks! I don't have a saggy but problem with my budget denim. They never fit as great or look as great after I wash them though.

@Cher it was! I wish I had spent more time with those cupcakes!

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