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Movie Night

Last week I went to see Jumping the Broom with the Real Girlfriends meetup. It was my first time in a theater in a really long time. It was so nice to just sit and watch. No baby. No internet. No cooking. No eating. No multitasking. I now want a day (or 7) to watch all of my favorites. His head would probably explode though if he had to watch them all!

Breakfast at Tiffany's - I love Audrey and I love her best as Holly Golightly. She was so confident and pretty. The clothes, gahhhh. In the movie (the book has the real source), her dates give her $100 for the powder room. Sign me up for that job!

Rosemary's Baby - Hubby sells her uterus to spawn the son of Satan in exchange for fame and fortune. I could tell Guy was a peen before he made the pack with the devil.

Cooley High - I know every line from this movie. I want to go on a Cooley High tour and go see all the spots from the movie. *singing* It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday (the original not the Boys II Men version).

Sex and the City 1 & 2 - The pretty colors. The clothes. The fantasy. The SATC series history. I don't care how old they are. They're still fab!

Living Out Loud - Loved Queen Latifah as a singer. Great soundtrack.

Muriel's Wedding - the oddball quirky chick makes good and ABBA songs!

Baby Face - Barbara Stanwyck as Lily Powers who sleep her way to the top. Risque for the 30's, no?

Love Actually - Colin Firth and Hugh Grant

Party Girl - A girl who likes to party and wants to become a librarian. Story of my life.

Bridget Jones' Diary 1 & 2 - Colin Firth and Hugh Grant

What are some of your favorite movies? When was the last time you watched one and did nothing else?

Happy Friday!


Baby Shopaholic said...

Love Sex and the City! I can watch Boomerang and Coming to America everyday. I love Scareface too! I know... only one chick flick!

Mama Violet said...

I love those movies too. I can watch SATC over and over again.

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