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A Day In My Life

This was our day yesterday...a series of successes and failures just like life overall.

WIN: Met up with the Chicago Mama Collective for a play date at Chase Park's Tot Spot. I'd never been there even though it's fairly close. They have a nice soft place for 0 to 18 month olds to play. It's $3 so it's also cheap! There were a lot of soft objects to climb, knock over, and roll around on.

FAIL: I didn't want V to miss naptime so I walked to a thrift store after carrying her on my back. She knocked right out only to scream bloody murder when we go in the store. I walked out and marched up and down the street. She fell asleep only to wake up 10 minutes later wailing again. My girl is not a thrift store fan.

Thinking about her next move
FAIL: V was scaling my legs while I was cooking so I wrapped her in a front carry. It's difficult to operate in the kitchen like this (not recommended) but I do it anyway. Sliced my finger while cutting tomatoes. Dinner preparation ceased.

WIN: He picked up mexican food and got margaritas too! The only margarita I've tasted that's better than mine.

Climbing something
WIN: We went to MamaDance at Hip Circle Studio even though I didn't have my mind right and we were both cranky monsters.

FAIL: The class was being filmed and I was looking very tragic.

She would rather play with my everything I need bag
I'm really enjoying the time I spend with V now that she's older. I felt very alone in the early months. Somedays though I'm just looking forward to 7p to 9p. She's most likely sleeping and I'm chilling unconcerned. I haven't done my pumping yet (ugh) nor am I thinking about what overnight will bring.

What does a win/fail day look like for you?


DaenelT said...

I remember those days, it does get easier. Then they become teenagers and the whining begins again and you have to drive them to the mall and pretend you don't know them so they'll shut up. And it'll seem like you have more fails than wins but then graduation day will come and you'll realize the whole experience is one giant win but you never want to repeat it again. Can you tell what stage I'm in? LOL

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

That's a lot to do in one day.

Sounds like a good one overall.

It's fun that she's becoming her own person, and soon you'll be able to talk and reason with her.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I love this win/fail post. Isn't every day a collection of these, regardless of whether we have kids or not? I also echo how isolating the first few months were ... but, there's also a part of me that misses those days of non-stop cuddling.

Mama Violet said...

@DaeneIT I've heard the teen years are a thousand times worse. I have to perfect my mama face now.

@Ellen we talk and reason now. Just the other day we were discussing our spending at Whole Foods or maybe I was just talking to myself.

@Nilsa I miss those days of sleep, sleep, and more sleep. That was about 2 weeks long for V.

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