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Little Miss' First Cold

I thought I was getting very little sleep until 4 nights ago when I heard her first real cough. I'm use to hearing her test her vocals out by coughing for sport. The real cough surprised me. I woke Him up to tell him she's coughing for real! He was half asleep and turned over to indulge in a pre-alarm snooze. Good thing He got it in.

Just a little cough.

Then came a sneeze and snot from her tiny little nose.

I guess she's sick. No biggie. It's a cold. She'll be right as rain in a couple of days or so I thought. The coughing and sneezing is now on day 5. She's still in pretty good spirits but I can tell she's off her square. She's exhausted.

Now the little cough is hacking and disturbs her sleep along with the constant sneezing and nasal drippage. I hope last night was the peak.

I've been sitting in the bathroom with her with the water on scalding and bouncing her in the bouncy seat. I'm breastfeeding her around the clock hoping it will help keep the cold from lingering on. The humidifier will be used tonight. It was stored away. I hope that will help. We're using Boogie Wipes, that bulb thingee, and saline drops hoping to clear some mucus.

Am I missing anything? She is so uncomfortable especially at night. Any mama magic I can try?

Observations from the past few day:
Colds make her much more cuddly (I kind of like that). She lays her head on my chest and keeps it there!

Crib sleeping ends (I don't like that). Co-sleeping for naps are usually nice and calm. At night, she's throwing bows, clawing my nips and face. She also likes to sleep on her back with arms stretched out. With the cold, she can't use me as a human pacifier because her nose is blocked with mucus. Which means she's awake more than asleep at night.

Babies hate having their nose cleaned.

Having a "little cold" does not mean business as usual with babies. All the sleep and feeding "schedules" I had are out the window. We haven't left the house since Tuesday.

Babies are germ-y. I need to chill out on the playgroups. I'm sure to ignore this.

Be grateful for any sleep. Day or night. One hour or 8. Be grateful.

Babycold is still better than mancold. She has a great attitude!


YUMMommy said...

I would recommend a visit to the pediatrician. Honestly, with babies you can never be too careful. What looks like a common cold could easily be an ear infection or something else. Also, Vicks make some stuff that you can put in the humidifier that will help loosen up the congestion and drain the muscus. Hope she feels better soon.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Awww, poor thing. She still looks so very sweet. I say you've learned the biggest lesson of all - babies weather colds better than some adults. =)

V dot said...

Is she feeling better?
When D gets sick and it lasts more than a few days, he is taken to the doctor. Like YUMMommy says, you can never be too careful with small kids. Up to you, though.

Mama Violet said...

She's getting better. We took her in on Saturday. We just have the humidifier going and coating her in Baby VaporRub. Her cough still sounds like she's been a life long newport menthol smoker!

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