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Fashion Me

I normally describe my style as "hooka chic". I like to wear a mix of tacky and classy at the same time.

While circling the mall and putting the Queen to sleep, I found this fabulous and cheap ($10) bag at Charlotte Russe.

It has a long shoulder strap so it can be worn cross body.

Now the question is how do I rock it? Suggestions?

Update: I wore it with a thrift store dress converted to top. Cargo leggings. Black wedge sandals. I was pleased with the look!


V dot said... don't.
LOL. Jk. :)

MAYBE if you wore it with one solid, dark color head to toe it could work. I would not suggest a bright color or pattern with the purse if you are going for 'chic'.

Mimi said...

I say the darkest blue denim skinnies you could find and a nice white top and some cute flats.

Mama Violet said...

@V dot I guess you're not a fan of the gold and sparkly, huh? I'm going for hookachic! I have an outfit in mind but its not monotone. Maybe I should post the complete look for a yah or nay.

@Mimi I never thought of that. I could wear it as an everyday bag when I do a run to the store. I like! I need to some cute flats though.

Thanks for the suggestions!

V dot said...

Did you rock it? I'm not a fan of gold sequins in general but lots of people pull them off nicely.
I loved Mimi's suggestions!

Mama Violet said...

I did. See new pic above.

V dot said...

You can totally pull off a gold sparkly bag.
Is the top sparkly, too?

Mama Violet said...

It has gold and silver thread running through the weave. It's a little bit sparkly. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you styled it :) Fab.u.lous ~@LilOmm

Mama Violet said...

@LilOmm Thank you! Great seeing you yesterday.

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