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No Judgements

Reading a book is such a rarity over here right now. I'm loving this book and I'm only on the second chapter maybe 3rd by the time this is posted.

Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All

The old adage never judge a book by its cover is so true. Literally and figuratively! 

Hip hop is not one of my top music genres, I have no desire to be a mogul, or be "super rich". Let me rephrase. Of course I want to be filthy stinkin loaded but I'm not on a goal oriented path to become wealthy.

This book is more in the realm of achieving what you want out of life using metaphysical  principles. It reminds me of The Secret and the law of attraction.

Two chapters in and I'm already thinking about how can I serve (chapter 1). Giving is so rewarding and I have to do more of it. I spend a lot of time wrapped up in my experience being a new mom -- the good and the bad. 

I feel like I'm taking so much from other moms (advice and support groups) and I'm not returning the favor. I want to give back. I'm not sure what I have to give though. Will it be time? A physical thing? Money? Sharing a talent?

In order to figure it out I need to be still (chapter 2). I live in constant noise. My tv is always on in the background. My laptop is always open. I'm super sensitive to outside noise so city life "music" always distracts me. 

Last night I did a mediation exercise from the book and didn't rush to turn the tv on this morning. I did turn it on around 4p though (baby steps).

I love it when I connect with a book. I plan on chipping away at it every night until it's finished. I have a long list of never finished books (Anna Karenina is probably the oldest on the list.)

Talk to me. Are you getting any reading done? Have you ever judged a book by its cover? What was the book? What surprised you about it?

I'm doing a 12 book challenge (yes, I am a lightweight) and tracking my reading through goodreads.

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Laila said...

Ooh thank you for the review of this book I've actually been thinking about picking it up.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Come teach me to sew, that's how you can give back! (And I'm not kidding...)

Mama Violet said...

@Laila It's an an easy read too.I know you have quite the full schedule.

@Ellen if only we lived closer to each other...have you played around with it?

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