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Her 2nd favorite snack - grimy toys.

This is another "Who Am I?" post because I'm highlighting another first about something so simple and mundane. Pre baby if someone would have shared this with me I probably would be doing a silent "Who cares!". I'm so excited though!

Queen V finally found a food to her liking. I've made runny rice. Runny oatmeal. I've made it thicker and something in between. I've tried banana, pear, and a few other fruits. This is what captured her heart. Yeah!

Earth's Best Organic 2nd Wholesome Breakfast, Pear Apple Oatmeal, 4.5-Ounce Jars (Pack of 12)
The miracle meal. It smells horrible but it taste pretty good.

I can tell she's eating a lot of it too. Her poops are back to everyday and they are not the nice breastmilk poop but not solid either (not looking forward to that at all). This in between stage is messy. I have to be really careful to contain it. It's harder to avoid poop foot when she's squirming all around and grabbing at things.

SN: I'm still tossing my cloth diapers in the washing machine as is. I'm not sure if that is the "correct" way but they're still coming out stain free.

This is another step forward and less dependence on breastmilk. Am I the only one feeding every 2 hours or less at 6 months? She's an all day (and sometimes night) snacker. I went to a new moms group and saw a woman feeding her baby a huge bottle of breastmilk. At least 5 oz. She does this every 4 hours. Jealous and amazed.

What else should I try? I want to make some gourmet blends for her?


Laila said...

she is soooo cute!

Mama Violet said...

Thank you!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

She really is adorable. I have conversations with Gavin about not squirming when I'm changing a poopy diaper - ha, as if he really understands me. At least it makes me feel better. =)

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