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Vision Board Update

My me made skirt and swag bag

Last night I finally left the house. At night. Without Little Miss. I received a complimentary ticket to Sassy Moms Night Out Go Red event. Free drinks, free appetizers and beauty treatments? Yes, please! Have you seen my vision board? Free stuff and parties are on the left.

I spruced myself up and donned a red skirt. I had zero parking issues with my little Toyota Yaris (parking is a bear in that neighborhood over by Harpo Studios and the United Center).

I got a "special" wristband that entitled me to a lil extra gift. Score! I lost it and found it again in my coat when I was leaving.

I drank pretty red Barbie juice drinks and loaded my plate with some of my favorite foods - hummus, baba ganoush, and dolmas. Win!

I went in search of a free manicure. They were all booked up. Boo. This is what happens when you're tardy for the party. Oh well.

I took a red carpet photo. The photographers were pumping me up. I showed them all kinds of fierce (at least in my head, can't wait to see the actual photos).

I claimed my special gift ($50 gift card to and a gift bag packed with goodies including:

- a 1154 Lill reversible tote
- a sample of Mustela lotion
- another myGofer gift card (don't know the value)
- $35 gift card for a custom blend mineral powder from Mario Tricoci
- a mug
- a glass

I'm so glad I went. I agonized over it and tried to talk myself out of going. I was having a social anxiety episode. I'm glad I turned it around. I channeled Tyra Banks for the evening. I don't know why she was just the first image to appear in my head. That could be why I kept getting compliments on my hair and my Me made skirt. The bartender even bought be a drink after the open bar closed. Ms. Tyra was working it!

What are some fabulous and free things you've scored?


V dot said...

Da hell? You KNOW I channel can't channel her, too! :)

JK. Glad you had a good time. We should go out next Friday (I'll be free of the nephews and life will be normal).

YUMMommy said...

Woohoo for you!! Some fabulous and free stuff that have I have scored would be my free books I get from Hachette Book group. Yes, I love love love to read and being able to read some of the books that appear on the NY Times Bestseller List months before they even get released is a dream come true for this book lover. I've also gotten some awesome free swag for Moo like all natural soap and moisturizer from EcoUSA and music CDs from Rattle On to name a few.

Now, I'm currently awaiting my free and custom designed Baby Shower banner, license plate and bumper stickers.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

You're like Beyonce, she has a stage alter ego, though I don't think it's Tyra. (You're too slender to be Tyra!)

Mama Violet said...

@V Dot I didn't know she was your "muse". Maybe I was really channeling my inner V Dot. :) Friday is good. We can out Tyra each other.

@YuMMommy Free books. You must explain. Is that explained on your blog? You must share.

@Ellen My alter's name is Foxxy Roxxy and she's older than Sasha Fierce (Beyonce's alter). Thanks for the compliment even though I'm pretty sure Tyra is smaller than me. :)

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