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Time to Throw on the Big Girl Panties

I received some really tragic news  (overly dramatical statement). He is going on a business trip for 3 WHOLE FRIGGIN DAYS!!!!

I will have a set of peepers on me while I'm on the toilet for 3 days. 

I will have to take 3 fast TAP (50 points if you know what that means) showers. 

I will have to take on 2 extra bedtime routine days (no chance to unwind by staring off into space).

I will have to resist the urge to bring her into our bed so she can protect me from the boogieman.

Who will I process my day with (basically a rundown of Little Miss' day)? 

I'll be the only one getting up in the middle of the night to feed or soothe her (well, that remains the same).

My friends via Facebook have suggested I spend some time out of the house. Go visit family, friends, and schedule some play dates. I may do that depending on the weather.

O Weather Gods, please don't let it snow or turn arctic!

I've considered going to Vegas to visit my mom. She won't change diapers but she may hold her while I hit the slots go take a shower. First time traveling with a baby and by myself may not be the way to go.

So, who wants to stop by and keep us company and by "keep us company" I mean come check on my sanity?

Btw, have you seen the picture I submitted of our little family on Black Love Poster? I had never heard of this site until yesterday. I find that amazing since I'm subscribed to a gazillion blogs and websites. I love to look at pretty pictures!


Sommer J said...

3 days will go by faster than you think being so busy.

Mimi said...

I had to put on mine when lil mama was about 2 months and he was gone for a week. My dad lives in Vegas and I thought about going out there with baby but like you not sure how that will fly with her being so young still.

Loove the picture. I have never seen that site. Love the concept, I think I will submit our family photo.

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