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The Confessional - #4

I ate an entire pound cake in 2 days.

I imagine myself being BFFs with Zap Mama, Sade, and the Girlfriends cast (not the actors but the characters).

I haven't voted in every election since I became of voting age.

I don't trust politicians.

Breastmilk taste better than I thought it would.

I normally have breastmilk dribbles on my pants.

I am easily confused when watching espionage movies.

I google some words to make sure I'm using them correctly.

I am more outspoken since having a baby or maybe it's because of age.

I sometimes wipe milk dribbles on Little Miss.

I have more than a few favorite songs that have misogynistic lyrics (partial list below).

What do you want to confess?


V dot said...

"Breastmilk taste better than I thought it would."

GASP! You drank it? On accident (if so, HOW?) or on purpose (if so, WHY?) :)

Mama Violet said...

It was mixed with her rice cereal. I was trying to understand her disgust with the cereal.

It's sweet and definitely taste better than cow's milk.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Last week, I was sort of sure I paid with a ten, but the woman gave me change back as if I had paid with a twenty. I didn't say anything, mostly because I thought it was my mistake not hers. Hadn't thought about it since...until now.

As for breast milk, do you remember the Friends episode where Joey drank some?

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Okay, just want you to know, the word verification for the above post was "accused." I'm freaking out a bit now...

Mama Violet said...

@Ellen word verifier knows.....

I don't remember that episode of Friends. I do remember an episode of a Different World where pina coladas were made with breastmilk by accident at a bachelor party.

V dot said...

I remember both the Friends episode and the Different World episode.
Not sure what that says about me...

BTW: How big was the pound cake? A small one or a big one, like someone's grandma would make?

Mama Violet said...

6 huge slices from the market. it's delicious. I can't get enough of it.

AdorableYaya said...

Woohoo Turn up your speakers lets party together! *drops down and get my eagle on. Searches for crutches and pain killers afterwards. =)) What an adorable little one!

Mimi said...

Drop down and get yo eagle on girl!! Man that used to be my jam. No longer am I able to "drop" my knees won't let me!


I want to confess..i think u are my twin from anotha life tony matterhorn...lady saw...I too feel empowered by my young queen and have learned not to hold my tongue, not to trust any1 ESPECIALLY politicians (they're in the big business of lying)...I dribble a lil breast milk on babygirl every now and then!!! oh the wonderful wonders of being a vibrant, cultured, natural ebony Queen!!!

Mama Violet said...

Ben Gay for all to help us up after dropping down!

@Empress Sheba happy to have another sister. :)

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