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The Aftermath of Snowpocalypse

We're going to be in the deep freeze for the next 3 days so I took a walk yesterday. It was a balmy 30 degrees out. I had books on hold at the library that I needed to pick up before they were sent on to the next patron.

I took some shots with my phone's camera. This is my city:

I'm wearing a skirt (handmade by me) and 2 layers of tights under all that North Face. I love to wear dresses and skirts but I rarely have an opportunity these days.

Little pink chairs holding it down!
I'm surprised no one stole these.
From the dining room table?
The garbage pile up.
I bet this person said "F it. It'll thaw by spring".
Crates and a cardboard box so unoriginal.
This person put a lot of thought into this space holder - a cone, paint buckets, and a wood plank.
My snow boots are always dirty and water damaged. 

On my walk I also saw huge Christmas ornaments hanging in a tree and a used condom. I didn't take pictures of those. The camera on my phone quit me a couple of times. It refused to leave standby mode. If my camera had a voice it probably said "I refuse to take pics of this crap".

I need to get to the arboretum to take pretty pictures of flowers or hop a plane or two to the Coast.

I am an island dweller at heart.


Tricia Hersey said...

your phone takes great pics. good ole chicago parking spot holders.
i do not miss that snow one bit.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

I don't miss it either. Wait, I'm still here.

Funny you should mention an arboretum, I want to go to Garfield Park Conservatory, and SOON!

Mama Violet said...

@Tricia the pics have been doctored with picknic but the pics do come out pretty clear. I hope it isn't dying on me.

@Ellen I've never been to the arboretum or the conservatory. I need more city exploration before I leave. :)

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