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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Have you looked at your non speaking child and felt like you knew what she would say if she only had the words? Here are some phrases I think Little Miss would say:

I love the the sound made by slapping my hand against your face/the pillow/the floor/the mattress.

I feel like I'm riding a horse when I hold on to your dreads while you're carrying me.

Why do I have to sleep by myself?

Jumping is fun.

What is this crap (rice cereal) you keep putting in my mouth?

I like hanging out in your lap? It's cozy.

Yes! Diaper change! Awesome!

Bath time, yes. Bottle,yes. Bedtime, no.

I rock at standing up.

I don't understand your swahili and what's with all the hand signs?

You will not be able to keep up with me once I start crawling. Look at me. I'm almost there. Really. Look. See how I push off using my arms and knees.

Get off of the computer and play with me now.

Why do you keep calling me mommy? Aren't you the mommy?

It weirds me out when you stare at me through the camera. No pictures, please.

Being cooped up in this wrap is not fun unless we're moving that's why I try to stand up.

More kisses!

No socks.

I'm holding my bottle. I can take it out of my mouth and 50% of the time I can put it back in my mouth.

Help me. I've rolled on my stomach and can't turnover.

Baba's home!

That Mickey Mouse is amazing. A talking rodent. Wow. Is that for real?

What does your baby say?


Sommer J said...

Give me some bread!

Where's my bread?

Why you cooking?

What are you cooking now?

Why do you cook so much?

Mommy you silly!

I love silly mama!

Mama Violet said...

LOL. I guess you stay in the kitchen! I need some of that magic.

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