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Little Miss Visits Pediatrician - 6 months

Yesterday was Little Miss' 6 month checkup. Baby Girl is 15 pounds (31st percentile) and 2' 1" inches (27th percentile). The height hasn't changed. The nurse thinks that maybe she was measured wrong last time.

She  got more shots. 

I asked about the sleep thing since Miss V is averaging about 3 or 4 hours before waking up. She again reminded me to put her down sleepy but awake. She also said she only needed to eat once or twice per night. After her bedtime bottle she's usually knocked out so I do put her in the crib completely zonked and I have gotten into the habit of feeding her every time she wakes up. It's just faster.

Last night I tried the one feeding over night. She woke up at least 4 times. I waited 5 minutes and you know what? She fell back asleep or maybe she wasn't away at all just making a little noise. She didn't have a total melt down cry just a lot of whining. I went in to check on her around 3a. She rolls on to her stomach a lot and can't roll back and that frustrates her. She was fine. I gave her a pacifier and she fell asleep. I also did not take her out of the crib until 7a. I usually pluck her between 5:30a and 6:30a.

I think I'll continue on this path. I feel like she slept better and maybe I was interrupting her when I go in and feed her. I woke up with every murmur but it was easier to get back into the groove.

Pediatrician also gave the ok for more baby foods. I've already tried rice cereal, oatmeal cereals, carrots, squash, pears, and bananas. None of them have really rocked her world.  We have also let her gum on a well cleaned chicken bone (yes, we did that) and she enjoyed that the most. I think it feels good one her gums.

Pediatrician suggested trying 1 food for 3 days and feeding her 1 meal a day. I don't know if I'm ready or if she's ready for this. She's just wasting food at this point. Should she be "warming" up to the food or going for it with gusto? She likes to put objects in her mouth and will sucks food on a finger but spoon feeding fails.

She's still breastfeeding every 2 hours or less. She's so easily distracted and hyper. She just wants to snack all day. Joy. Not really.

She's hitting all of her milestones. She's an awesome sitter and has been for over a month. She doesn't need to use her hands for support. I can't wait for her to start crawling. For her, not for me. She tries so hard to go someplace but is just flailing her limbs. I think she needs more floor time instead up sitting in front of the computer (on my lap) or sitting next to me playing with her toys.

A little Photo Booth video. It's not super exciting. It just her trying to get some computer time or maybe trying to grab her own image.

What is your experience? When did you go to 1 night feeding? Still doing multiple feedings? What about solids? Learned to like it or loved it from the beginning? How did the crawling start?


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

From my own experience and that of my mama friends ... breastfed babies take longer to sleep through the night than bottle fed babies. Probably because formula is more filling and you can track how much baby is eating. Because Gavin is bottle fed, he's been sleeping through the night since a little after he turned 3 months.

That said, starting way before Gavin was sleeping through the night, my husband had to hold me back from checking out baby at every noise or movement. I was always so scared (and still am) of SIDS, so every little movement, I'd check to make sure Gavin was OK. I do believe I bothered him more times than helped him ... it took time, and I always check on him to alleviate my own worries, but I don't pick him up unless he's wailing.

Also, our pediatrician said most parents believe just because a baby gets fussy, it means they're hungry. He said to check on a number of things (sleep position, body heat, etc.) before assuming baby is hungry. For us, sometimes just giving Gavin a pacifier soothes him enough that he'll go back to sleep.

Parenting babies - it's a trial and error process. Hopefully you'll continue to figure out what your Little Miss needs.

Mama Violet said...

I'm still experimenting with 1 feeding a night. Does 5am count as a night feeding? Anyways. We have a love hate relationship with the pacifier. Sometimes she can keep it in and it's good. Other times it's constantly falling out or she's taking it out and can't put it back. Periodically I put a ban on them out of frustration but I always come back...

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