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It's Just Hair, Right?

I like to hold on to things. Old pictures, old diaries, old mementos. I have to talk myself into throwing things out. When it comes to my hair, I have a hard time cutting it. I cut my hair in college and I cut my hair a year after growing my perm out. Since I've had locs, the most I've ever cut is 7 inches but normally I just try to keep it from reaching my behind. That's the scary length for me.

I've never been one for "styling" my hair but I need a change. Little Miss pulls my hair every time she's near me and it's such a task to do the wash, twist, and curl. I saw this picture and I think this should be my new look. Isn't her hair cute?

She's cute, her hair's cute, and her dress is cute. I want to be her friend.
I'm trying to find a stylist who cuts locs and in my neighborhood. It's like a needle in a haystack. I haven't had any luck so far. More time to think and get comfortable with the change, I guess.

Anyone else make a big deal over haircuts? Are you a hoarder? Is there a correlation?


V dot said...

Oddly enough, if I'm making a drastic change - i.e. cut it all off - I don't agonize. I usually do those on the spur of the moment and don't have much time to think about it. It's the small changes - layers, etc. - I stress over b/c bad layers can give you a triangle head and no one wants that.

If you can travel, go to Why Knot. It's south.

Lovin Natural said...

OK, I've NEVER had a problem cutting my hair to almost the white meat! LOL! Seriously, I've had long hair and short hair and they both worked at the time. I think your locks look so beautiful and maybe I'm saying this cause I dream of having long longs one day. Don't cut them! :>)
They really rock and you can do so much with them. Try pinning them up maybe. Anywho, maybe all this comes from my desire to have what you want to cut. Lock envy! What ever you decide I know you will look beautiful. Peace and Blessings!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

After all our chatting on facebook, I can finally answer your question. It IS just hair.

Now, call one of the ladies T. sent to you, okay?

Mama Violet said...

@Lovin Natural LOL! To the white meat. I have pinned them up but it's just too much of a hassle right now.

Someone on Twitter referred me to a stylist who does in house! I'm going to email her today.

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

I have long hair and once (ONCE) cut my hair short. It.was.ugly. I mean, everyone gave me the doubletake stare and good friends said "Giiiirl..." I knew it was bad. But that's my facial structure.
Anyway, that hairstyle on that woman is gorgeous! Good luck finding someone to do. Btw, I have no idea what loc are...

Mama Violet said...

@Polish Mama locs are short for dreadlocs like Bob Marley's hair.

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