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I Am Most Definitely NOT Superwoman

How do other mothers do it? I'm still struggling with getting sh*t done. Am I the only one with a baby that clings on for dear life? I have to be in her line of vision at all times. If I'm in the kitchen too long she gets fussy. When I go to the bathroom, I take her with me. If I'm doing the laundry, I wrap her in the Moby.

I finally made the decision to outsource the housecleaning (love it and recommend it). In the attempts I've made I haven't gotten very far. I can't clean floors and bathtubs with her in the Moby (I am researching babywearing for the back so maybe that won't be a problem much longer). I haven't seen the bottom of the laundry basket in about 3 months. There are paper piles everywhere. This isn't her doing. We've always had a mountain of mail but I can't shred near her because she wants to sit on my lap with the grabby hands.

Yesterday I made a baked dish. I got tired of saying I can't and decided to just do it. I normally stick to meals that are quick with minimum cutting involved. This was tres difficile! She's all hands and tried to bungee out of the wrap many times while I'm cutting and working around hot pots. I had an oil splatter that sent me running from the kitchen covering her head. I finally had to put her down and ignore the whining when it was time to open the oven. Don't think I'll be doing this again anytime soon.

I made this though. It's good and 100% vegan. It's loaded with faux sausage, pepperoni, and cheese.
A pic just because.
I can't resist that face.
I love her.

How does it work in your home? Are you a novice mother? Mother to a toddler? Multiple children? Twins (God Bless you)? How do you get sh*t done? How do you get sh*t done and not look like a schlumpadinka? How do you get sh*t done, not look like a shlumpadinka, and spend time with your partner? Do you sleep? Share your magic.


YUMMama said...

I discovered that bouncer seats are a lifesaver. Moo was the kind of baby who had to be in my arms 24/7. If I laid her down when she drifted off for a nap she'd wake right up less than a minute later. So, when the hubby got her a bouncer seat on our 2nd week home, I was thrilled. The bouncing seemed to help her nap longer. Plus, I could sit her near me when I was doing stuff and rock her with one foot.

She's now two and we've upgraded her to a toddler rocker because she still loves rocking & being right under me. However, with baby #2 due in June, I'm wondering if I'll have to try to bounce two chairs at once. LOL.

Mimi said...

I have two and I get sh*t done when I can. I don't have a set schedule. I get around to stuff when I can. I try to do things when the baby naps. On days when I'm tired I nap with her. I try not to stress too much about it. As long as we eat and have clean (not folded) clothes I think we are doing good. Motherhood changes everything!

Camishar said...

Who wants to be superwomen anyway. She's always on a diet to stay in that little ass outfit :-)

I say try to get her on some type of rountine in the morning or bedtime. The rest of the day go with the flow. I had to get over not having a super ,clean ,spotless, single living person house when I had to babies 15 months apart.

If Brook and Ava they want to play or watch a movie the clothes can wait.

Dishwashers are a lifesaver so is my comcast DVR. Seasme Street gives me a good 45 min to make my phone calls or get dinner started.

I find that getting up at 5:30 or 6:00 am on the weekend is my time to play catch up on things. It's worth the scarfice to me anyway b/c between 6:00 am and 8:30 the everyone is still sleep. I finish my laudray, I make my grocey list or read my kindle. Sometimes I cook up pans of cassoroles or make chili in my crock pot that will last 2 - 3 days for nights I don't make dinner.

On the weekends. I take my nap with the girls later on that day.

My husband and mom are a HUGE help so if u can find a support system close by then I say use them.

Little Miss will get the hang of it. Decide when u get up in the morning the 2 things U MUST do that day. the rest spread it out through out the week. When daddy is home switch shifts, get your 30 mins of me time and then finish the other thing u had to do.

Also wear her little but out during the day. Dance with her, have her crawl to u, play with her on the floor , what ever she likes to do. give her a bath or warm towel wipe down around nap time.

Try to put her on a semi rountine.
Breafast 8:00
Reading 9:00
Playing with toy 10:00
Lunch 11:00
Naps : 12:00 Naps for both of you, warm bath wipe down.

The afternoon play it by ear. Start off with baby steps the older she gets the MUCH better it will be.

I hope that helps.

Mama Violet said...

@YUMMama the bouncer use to be very useful but her new thing is trying to stand in or escape the bouncer. :(

@Mimi I should probably just surrender to the chaos. It's bigger than me. I get frustrated when I can't do what I planned to do.

@Cami I like the idea of a routine. Baby does not. I think I need to start with a 1 item to do list.


Thanks to mama Camishar as well as mama Violet..my lil Princess is the same..When she was a little younger I was able to use my sling and have her "help and watch" me as I prepare meals. Now she has grown to her moody mode. Being a stay at home mom is great, however I get the baby blues every now and then due to not being able to be as spontaneous as I use to be and having the hold down the title "Queen Superwoman". Dont surrender to the chaos! Mama Canishar had excellent advice that I actually participate in. Try to make large casserole type dishes. We squeeze exercise time in during the day (we walk in the sun year round in FL, sorry Chi-town ! j/p!!)to get her good & tired so that I can get office work, house work, and dinner done. Weekends are when I make up for office and house work. I sacrifice sleep a little and smooth out the rough edges in between.

Mama Violet said...

@Empress Sheba I'm psyching myself up to put her on my back. I think that would good for both of us. Right now I'm still nervous about it and when I get some extra time I'll make my own wrap.

Love FL wish I were there....

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