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Flashback Friday - Accidental Vegan

I like meat. I've seen videos of animal slaughter. Yes I think it's really really gross but ooohhhweee goat, bacon, cheese, burgers, and chicken are good. On December 31, 2008, I had a fabulous NYE meal at Brazzaz's, a brazilian steakhouse aka meat buffet. I didn't plan on going vegan. My intention was to do a master cleanse (lemonade and water for 10 days) with a Facebook group starting January 1. I was going to keep a diary of my experience and receive a gift card for posting about the experience. Of course, I was also hoping for a little fast and easy weight loss.

The next day I did start the cleanse, I did one salt water flush instead of 1 each day. If you've ever done it then you know why. I didn't feel like writing about the experience so no gift card but I still wanted to see if I can loose a little weight. It worked for Beyonce surely it could work for me.

For me the first 2 days were hard but after that it wasn't so bad. I had a headache the first day probably because of a lack of caffeine. I felt like I was a bit tipsy (probably lightheadedness). As the days went on I stopped wanting food and I definitely didn't want anymore lemonade but I wanted to complete the 10 days.

After the experience I no longer had a desire for fried foods or sugary snacks. I stopped drinking coffee and changed my diet completely. Those bad food urges were gone and I liked how I felt (bms were GOOD!). I lost 10 pounds. My dentist commented on how improved my teeth were (the only thing I changed was my diet, not my routine). I made wiser food choices and started cooking at home more because it's hard trying to find completely meat and dairy free food that isn't a salad.

All through my pregnancy I continued to eat vegan but after the baby I'm eating anything and everything. It started with lack of cooking and so many take out/delivery meals. Vegan dining is hard. Vegan delivery is harder. I am back on the fried meat horse, the sugar horse, the caffeine horse, and the sugar horse. I do feel like I'm addicted and I feel blah and bloated all over again. I'm  back in that place where I'm telling myself I NEED coffee. I NEED dessert after every meal. I NEED Harold's (if you're in Chicago, you know). I'm finding it so hard to just stop.

I still cook vegan but for dining out and delivery I'm usually ordering the yummiest nasty (in a good way) for you item and I don't know how to kick the habit. I can't see myself doing another cleanse but I really want to go back to a way of eating that really worked for me.

Anyone else out there battling the sugar, caffeine, meat, carb beast? Have you overcome it? Got any tips?


V dot said...

I recently started eating meat again and actually lost 6 lbs I wasn't trying to get rid of just by doing that (go figure). I'll have it once a week now.

I posted on your FB page and said I don't like 'carbs' - I'm not a bread or pasta person, at all. I do looove homemade french fries and homemade mashed potatoes and will indulge in both twice a month. LOL.

I think that moderation is important. You can have what you want, if you want it, in little bits here and there. It'll help with the cravings. If you do want a burger, get a GOOD burger and eat half.

If I want sugar, I either bake something from scratch and take some over to the fam so I don't eat it all or I eat something super rich and decadent and only a little bit. No cheap sugar. .

I also don't keep junk food of any kind in the house. Out of sight, out of mind.

If you want to go completely off the sugar, caffeine, meat, carb beast, set a date and just do it.

Mama Violet said...

Moderation? Not a word I'm familiar with. :)

Tricia Hersey said...

my new thing is not forcing life. When we are ready to do something we will do it. I'm kinda organic/lazy like that. When it's time to completely be on that path the universe will open you up to it. i battle the sugar and carbs monster daily. its just my thing. i did buy some succacant an organic cane juice alternative to suagr. i learned about it at vegan cooking class. i love coffee. it brings me joy so i dont plan on taking it away ever. i see nothing wrong with a nice cup of coffee in mornings. i am thank god over the meat monster. even tho, sometimes i want chik fi la. i think that craving is more cuz i see them everywhere down here.

V dot said...

LOL at not being familiar with moderation.

After only eating fish and no other meat for so long, I finally gave in and had some homemade fried chicken. Yum. I'd rather have that than Harold's any day. But, the first few weeks, I gorged myself on it, weaned myself off and then gave myself permission to eat it if I wanted to, in moderation. :)

I prefer home cooked meat to fast food stuff, I find.

Mama Violet said...

I still don't cook meat in the house or use dairy. It's those outside influences. Once I get back to cooking I'm sure the beast will start to die off!

Cooking food is really the key.

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