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Who Am I?

When I was pregnant, I overheard a mother talking to her toddler son and she was super-overly-dramatical (new word) about some project he did in school. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to be able to get that excited over some scribbles on a piece of paper? I just knew she had be faking that level of excitement until I walked into her room this morning. 

Little Miss woke up this morning roaring and babbling to herself.  I prefer that so much more than screaming her head off. I walked into her room to find her on her STOMACH! She rolled over! EEEE! No easy feat especially with her humongous sleep sack on. I had been waiting for this "milestone". I was excitedly squealing and scooped her up in a big hug. I could tell she was pleased with herself too. Normally she doesn't like being on her stomach. 

This is one of those moments where I ask myself "who am I"? It's just such an unexpected response from me. I'm rarely ever super-overly-dramatical. I wear a poker face 90% of the time. I had the poker face on even in my wedding pictures. I asked the question again when I decided to document her accomplishment.

Cheers to you, Baby!
Talk to me about a time when you were so over the top you didn't recognize yourself (non baby stories are welcome). Tell me about your super-overly-dramatical moment? or a time when you had to ask yourself "who am I"?


Wilma said...

First poop on the potty (after she repeatedly told me that she was going to poop in her diaper if she wanted to).

Other than that I don't go over the top for just any little thing and try to save that for the truly amazing things.

A milestone like rolling over by herself in her crib is pretty amazing and totally a reason to get excited!

Camishar said...

I get overly dramatical for everything :-) Not sure if that's bad or good !!!

I think my girls including the 20 year likes it!

Go Violet!! Thats a big deal

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

You are exactly who I thought you'd be. You're a good mom!

Claudia Almandoz Gerbolini said...

Buenos días! I decided to stop by your blog and visit after recieving a thumbs up on my mini leopard harems (the ones with the BIG purple bow)...I find that I´m up to my nose in going for my dream as a designer and being a good, dedicated mamita. Suddenly i realize i don´t give myself the time to relax and read, look at pictures or visit other peoples blogs and feel pleasantly surprised, smiling with the simple things in life. I have to remind myself to do this, even if i can´t get down to getting "relaxed" done every day. So, thankyou for helping me get "happy and relaxed" done this friday morning.... greetings from a latina mommy!

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