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Get It Together, Mama - Me

I had planned on posting a few days back but this snow, cold snap, and some tummy issues totally derailed me. While laying on my sick depressed couch, I had a chance to do a lot of thinking about a popular theme in my life -- getting it together on all levels. Being sick and in a funk with a baby doesn't work. Little Miss is not having it. Today's mantra and for many years to come is: Get It Together.

And now the originally drafted post:

Now that Little Miss is no longer a newborn and can be detached from me occasionally, I feel like it's time to get back on track. The past 3 months my focus has been 24/7 baby care (as it should be) but everything around me is out of order. Along with baby care I spend a great deal of time watching daytime tv and on the internets. No bueno.

I figure a blog is a good way for me to hold myself accountable and get it together on all levels. The first Get It Together item on my list is me me me! The other items on my list include taking care of my relationship, taking care of home, and taking care of spirit. I will address these in upcoming posts and also write about the progress I've made.


I look in the mirror most days and see a hot mess not a hot mommy. I am a total girly girl and I like wearing makeup and dressing up. Those two things go a long way in changing my outlook on life. I also need some serious loc maintenance. My hair is a matted afro in the center and way too long for baby care. I'm terrified of getting poop in my hair. Who know when I'll wash it next (I know. Ew. TMI).

Feeling pretty in February 2010 
(Any fellow MacBook Photo Booth models out there?)

Also, on my taking care of me list is returning to a vegan diet. For about a year and a half and even while pregnant I ate this way. It worked for me. Meat and cheese are so good going down but I end up feeling crappy bloated and sometimes barfy (is that a word?)

Karyn's on green
My last pre-baby vegan dining experience. Great food and atmosphere.

I also need to return to sewing and reading. It's getting cold and I feel hibernation approaching. I need to bulk up on the indoor activities that bring me joy. I can't commit to getting out of the house regularly until Spring.

32 Candles: A Novel
Last book I read that was not related to birthing or baby care.
Loved it! Fast read.

Last sewing project. Three months preggers!

If you have any suggestions on how I can squeeze in the me time (a great toy to occupy Little Miss, an easy craft project to start, a hair tip) feel free to leave a comment below.


Camishar said...

Sewing project:
Maybe you can start off sewing cute hair wraps to style up the locs. I saw some of the beautiful fabric you had on FB page. Cute stuff !!

Little Miss:
They have great toys that can be attached to Little Miss swing or crib that make music and light up when she kicks it. She would love it.

Maybe when hubby gets home from work you can sneak in once a week an hour away and pamper yourself. One night do an apple cider rinse on your loc, while you have an avocado mask on your face. YouTube have great tips for making homemade mask. The next week take a 30 to45 min soak in the tube with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. U can get them from the health food store. I have a bottle of Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint and Tangerine oil. I add them to water bottle and spray them in my hair when. It's a nice way to wake up the sense :-)

The best advice I can give u is to take one day, one project at a time and start off slow. By the way I love your blogs.

V dot said...

I echo everything Camishar said.
It just important to take things slowly.
It's easy to get overwhelmed discouraged if we try to do too many things at once.
Start small and add on as you feel comfortable doing so.

Mama VioletAK said...

Camie - u r a wealth of knowledge.

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