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Flashback Friday - Film Edition

This post is from a blog I had in 2006. The blog was called workisforsuckas and the focus was on my life being a disgruntled employee, a laid off temporary worker, and a little bit of sewing thrown in.

The post:

Since sewing was not going to happen for the rest of the day, I sat down and watched a really "thrilling" movie on Turner Classic Movies titled The Thrill of It All!. The synopis from IMDB…At a diner party, Beverly Boyer, wife of an obstetrician and mother of two, tells the manufacturer of Happy soap about her experiences with his product. Charmed by her spontanious appearance he offers her a chance to tell her story in his commercials. After some hesitations, Beverly accepts and she quickly turns from a housewife into a famous television personality, much to the disliking of her husband Gerald.
Reasons I found it so thrilling:

1. Husband did not want wife to work once a week doing a tv commercial for 80K (in the 60′s).

2. Husband actually said "Our money is my money and your money is your money" meaning he wanted to support the entire household and he didn’t want any of her money.

3. A woman in her 40′s got pregnant after 20 years of trying–naturally! I was skeptical then but I believe it can happen now.

4. Woman gives up easy once a week 80,000/yr gig because all she really wants to be is a Doctor’s Wife.

5. Woman was a stay at home mom with a live-in housekeeper/baby-sitter. Obviously pre baby. I could use a live in assistant right about now!

6. Husband and wife slept in twin beds and made all these suggestive comments about "sleeping together".

7. Absolutely no tongue and barely any lip contact. The passionate kisses were done by pressing the lips of one person against the space between lip and chin of other person very very hard!

8. The 40′s pregnant woman loved walking through the park to show off her baby bump yet you could not actually see a baby bump throughout the entire movie.

9. A baby is delivered in the back of a limo and there is no blood anywhere…on the mother, on the baby, on the Doctor’s wife, or the Doctor who was wearing white.

10. I loved the outfits the wife wore. I would absolutely wear them today minus the cone bra shape.

I heart old movies!

Do you have a favorite classic movie? One that is fun to watch because of the time period?


Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

The Philadelphia Story. We got Mac's name from it.

Mama VioletAK said...

I didn't know that. I haven't seen Philadelphia Story.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

I suggest you watch it and see just when his name is shared...

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