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A Christmas Tale

At 6:30 a.m Christmas morning, Little Miss was awake in her crib babbling and laughing. I was about to go in and get her but decided to just wait and listen. I laughed and was proud listening to her entertain herself (good way for Mama to get some extra sleep). I also heard this clicking sound that her mobile makes when it's turned on. Odd since I hadn't turned it on. I figured I must be hearing the noise machine mixed with random phantom sounds. At 7 a.m I went to her and found her at the other end of the bed looking directly up at her mobile. Odd again since she is still perfectly swaddled and tucked in a sleep sack. There's also some wetness on her crib. I look up checking for a leak even though I can't see that well sans glasses. Nothing.

Now I have two mysteries on my hand:

1. Where did the wetness come from?
2. How did she manage to make a 180 in her crib?

My reasonable explanations are that the wetness was probably milk dribble from the feeding I gave her 3 hours ago and she's an excellent wiggler so she just inched over gradually during the night.

Now here is where I go all weird and creepy. We've often joked about our second room being a place for haints because it's always cold. Cool during hot days and friggin cold in the winter. During a couple of night feedings, Little Miss has stared at the ceiling and laughed for no reason. These incidents have me wondering if there is something there that I cannot see. A guardian angel, my dead father (loved kids and died around the day she was conceived), the ancestors....

Have you had similar experiences? Baby laughing at air? Staring at nothingness? Do spirits and babies have a connection? Do I just need to get more sleep?


anis said...

I have eight children. They all did that and was told by my grandmother that they were talking to angels. I still believe it until this day. My niece does it now and I say she ostensibly talking to my grandma ( she was born on her brithday this year) :)

Mimi said...

Well since you brought it up. I lost my mother a few years ago and she lived here with us. On more than one occasion I have caught the baby staring and smiling almost laughing and I promise at those moments I catch a whiff of her perfume. I do believe they can see angels, they are so pure and their minds are free.

Candi Reign said...

Angels!!! Absolutely, I've always been told children see angels and they laugh, babble, and play with them. I've caught both of my children doing the same and my son used to look back and forth up at the ceiling. As much as it freaked me out sometimes I know it's only the angels and other loved ones watching over our babies.

Mama VioletAK said...

Thank you all!!!! Glad to see I'm not alone in my thinking.

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