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{SAHM Style} Mint Jeans + White Tee

I've been using some of my favorite Pinterest pins for SAHM casual style and thrift inspiration. I thought for sure mint jeans would go into white whale status but nope. I caught the fish. Not only did I find a pair at a swap party but they are also ankle length (longer on my short stumps) and J. Crew!  I didn't have to pay retail prices though. Sometimes the thrift gods really do listen. 

sahm style

I like colored jeans. It's a perfect way to mix it up a little. Get out of a blue jeans rut yet still staying comfortable, relaxed, and stylish. I was quite worried about wearing white and pastel. I'm a dirt magnet. 

white tee mint jeans

I ended the day with pink frosting on the waistband (a story for a different day) and a long line of red mystery color on the shirt. This was actually before visiting the playground. Sigh. I just so happen to be drinking red wine right now. Still dressed in my light colored clothes. I do enjoy living dangerously.

stay at home mom casual

I am so glad I bought the Toms wedges. It wasn't love at first sight. I was intrigued. I liked the pretty colors but they seemed kinda...what's the word I'm looking for? Old lady-ish? You know what though? They are comfortable with lots of insole padding.They give me some height and they're fun to look at. 

mom causal outfit ideas

I could not decide if I wanted to wear a bright bold necklace or one I just like to wear out of habit. I wore them both and finished up completely with my fun find from Charming Charlie. It's a replica of a much more expensive Henri Bendel bracelet I have been wanting. Let's see if it will fill the void or increase my desire.

casual looks for moms

To my pastel and white loving friends: How do you stay clean for more than 30 seconds?

toms floral wedge shoes
THRIFT vintage necklaces - vintage sunglasses - Croft & Barrow tee - J. Crew mint jeans - Toms floral wedges RETAIL Charming Charlie bracelet


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