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J. Crew is Retail Worthy

You know what makes me happy? Finding J. Crew at the thrift. As far as name brands go, I am a fan and they are retail worthy. If I had those kind of pockets, I totally would. The quality is spectacular and it's classic and oftentimes a bit quirky. Like me! 

j crew gingham

I always buy J. Crew when I find it. The pieces are pretty timeless and they have great resale value. Not a bad way to spend $5.

sahm casual

As this piece is an extra small, I thought it would work for a gingham loving subscriber. (*fake sneeze* subscribe *fake cough* and I will thrift for you!) Wasn't her cup of tea so I decided to give it a try because I am a tunic stan fan. A little tight on the arms but otherwise a good fit. Even better when I leave those buttons unbuttoned. I'm sure to tire of this arrangement and donate it back but for now I'm enjoying life in J. Crew. 

causal looks for moms

My trench is freshly washed and we still have more jacket weather here so more to come and it has lots of room for the full bicep. That's in addition to fitting my short arms perfectly. Yes indeed. Retail worthy.

how to wear gingham

Seeing as how this is a pretty standard stay at home mom attire, I punched it up with color -- a vibrant yellow vintage necklace and my new Steve Madden shoes via DSW! I love them. They're quite comfortable and I don't need to have my toes "done" to wear them. It happens, friends.

cute flats spring summer

Pants were treated with a jeans hem by me yet I'm still wearing them folded. Am I shrinking? No, it's just this.

colorful summer shoes
THRIFT vintage bead necklace - J. Crew gingham tunic - Refuge jeans GIFT Steve Madden sandals
Are you a J. Crew fan? What brands do you find retail worthy?


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