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SAHM Fall Essentials

Stay at home mom style ain't all sequins and high heels. The lugging, pulling, and shuffling about of a regular day requires a nice sturdy outfit with flair, of course. My everyday look is a lot more casual. I do like to look like I tried so having a formula outfit in my head helps when I'm up earlier than I want and when I haven't had coffee but I need to be on my way.

My fall essentials include:

Thrifted and vintage leather jacket

leather jacket

Fall around here involves a lot of weather changes. Chilly in the morning and the possibility of warmer weather in the afternoon and back to chill when the sun sets. I haven't put away my tees yet nor do I have sweaters unpacked so a leather jacket is just the right thickness to keep me comfortable.

style and co thrifted jeans are apart of my sahm style


Not just any jeans. I'm talking mom jeans. The comfortable cozies. They are the perfect length for flats. Straight legs so no tugging on skinny leg opening. The waistband is at my belly button because I like it that way! No possibility of accidental butt exposure. But wait, that's not all. There's a comfort elastic band inside!

add a scarf for an extra layer of warmth and sahm style


No makeup. No problem. Wear sunnies and lip balm and be on your way! I break out the mascara and blush if I have a couple of extra minutes.

pops of color

To vary the look of what is essentially jeans and t-shirt, I add pops of color. Brightly colored jewelry or shoes are the perfect addition.

stay at home mom style


I chill easily. The scarf is the extra warmth or a substitute jacket when it's too hot for leather plus it can add to your color pops!

What's on your fall essentials list?

red and turquoise accessories add a pop of color to sahm style
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