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Thrift Style: Blazer and a Maxi Dress

Wearing a blazer with a is perfect for an awesomely sunny but slightly chilly day. I was anxious to get out of jeans and a little bit tired of wearing tights so I opted for a long dress. My arms and legs stay warm but I still look "springy".

blazer and maxi dress

Since black and white prints are on trend for spring, I'm glad I was able to snag this maxi dress during a $10 bag thrift haul. It cost me less than a $1. Woot! Woot!

maxi dress and blazer

I am so in love with the blazer from the vintage thrift haul. Instead of putting it in the dry clean pile to age for a few months, I opted for a machine wash. Fun fact about me, I will try to wash almost anything. Sometimes it works and sometimes it gets fudged up (sorry about the sequin loss, vintage blouse).

blazer and a maxi dress

Anyway, this wash job didn't turn out too bad. It shrunk up a little bit but it just made the sleeves fit that much better. it's not as crisp as it once was. Now it feels more casual and will pair well with tee, jeans, and pumps which I almost ended up wearing. 

Black and white maxi dress

I spilled coffee on the dress right after I took pics. It dried fast and wasn't that noticeable but I smelled like stale coffee. Classy, right? I thought about changing for a couple of minutes but I didn't want to take off my cute spring look.

black and white maxi dress and purple magenta pumps

I'm also wearing the latest addition to my shoe closet. They're another great deal from Amazon. I had a code via Crowdtap so I saved an additional $10. I love the shape of the heel and the platform is just the right size. They're high but decently comfortable (except in the left baby toe area.)

spring outfit maxi dress with blazer
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