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Stranger Danger

My soon to be 10 month old is freaked out by strangers. She clings and has to have one of us in her line of vision if there are other people around. If she can't easily get to us then she unleashes the highest pitched scream in her vocal repertoire.

Her Grandmother (His mother) visited with us last weekend. They had never met so I knew Miss V would be apprehensive at first. She never warmed up though. She held her breath every time Mama picked her up. She peeked over over our shoulders at her and give a little shy smile but was on edge for the entire visit. According to Him, she did have a moment of melting at church. She was ready to play and make eye contact but back at home she was back to shy baby.

I hope this isn't a permanent personality trait and just one of those baby things. All the baby book/blog stuff says she will go through this phase. I had conversations with Him pre-baby about making sure we give her lots of people exposure. I figured that would lessen the stranger anxiety. I don't think we've been getting her out there enough.

I was the ornery baby growing up. I never wanted people to touch or look at me. As I got older, I was able to define those feelings as shyness and being introverted. This is an aspect of my personality that I hope will not seep into her.

Is it possible? Can a shy parent make a shy baby? Is my exposure plan of value? What is your experience?
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