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A Day In My Life

This was our day yesterday...a series of successes and failures just like life overall.

WIN: Met up with the Chicago Mama Collective for a play date at Chase Park's Tot Spot. I'd never been there even though it's fairly close. They have a nice soft place for 0 to 18 month olds to play. It's $3 so it's also cheap! There were a lot of soft objects to climb, knock over, and roll around on.

FAIL: I didn't want V to miss naptime so I walked to a thrift store after carrying her on my back. She knocked right out only to scream bloody murder when we go in the store. I walked out and marched up and down the street. She fell asleep only to wake up 10 minutes later wailing again. My girl is not a thrift store fan.

Thinking about her next move
FAIL: V was scaling my legs while I was cooking so I wrapped her in a front carry. It's difficult to operate in the kitchen like this (not recommended) but I do it anyway. Sliced my finger while cutting tomatoes. Dinner preparation ceased.

WIN: He picked up mexican food and got margaritas too! The only margarita I've tasted that's better than mine.

Climbing something
WIN: We went to MamaDance at Hip Circle Studio even though I didn't have my mind right and we were both cranky monsters.

FAIL: The class was being filmed and I was looking very tragic.

She would rather play with my everything I need bag
I'm really enjoying the time I spend with V now that she's older. I felt very alone in the early months. Somedays though I'm just looking forward to 7p to 9p. She's most likely sleeping and I'm chilling unconcerned. I haven't done my pumping yet (ugh) nor am I thinking about what overnight will bring.

What does a win/fail day look like for you?
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