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Thrift Store Outfits // Ruffle Tank and Flares

I didn't think the extreme flare jeans would be so versatile. I had them pegged for an occasional wear as I only have one pair of shoes tall enough to wear them with. I find myself throwing them on quite frequently though. They are so comfortable, lightweight and stretchy. Almost like leggings.

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I didn't think they were proper brunch pants either due to the impending food baby but they hold up well and keep me from "showing" even in close fitting tees and crop tops. Well worth the $5.

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As is the $3 ruffle tank top. It's fun and summery and adds a bit of interest to a casual jeans outfit. It looks a lot different on me when compared to last year. I have less chest and general fluffiness on top. I like the new fit.

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Purple is my favorite color but I don't wear it often because it doesn't bring out the wow in my skin tone like shades of orange. So when I decided on a magenta top, I layered in more purple with vintage clip-on lily flower earrings and a big bauble necklace.

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The leather clutch is a new purchase. I absolutely don't need another thrift store purse. I tried to talk myself down. Clutch bags are so impractical for everyday. I really wanted it though. I like the broken-in vintage look of it and the buttery soft leather. I carried it all weekend. Definitely not enough room to cart around old receipts and random kid trinkets. We'll see how long I can last before returning to my garbage bag sized carryall.

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How do you style flare jeans?

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The Details
ruffle tank - thrift store
vibrant m.i.u bell bottom jeans - thrift store
Fossil clutch purse - thrift store
Seychelles platform wedge - Amazon
necklace - Amazon
vintage earrings - thrift store

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