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Dress to Skirt Set DIY

Did you buy an ugly dress at the thrift store? Think it needs a little tweaking? I was able to turn a dated floral print dress into a modern two piece skirt set. No sewing required.

I bought this thrift store dress originally because I liked the the nipped waist and back buttons. I wasn't really a fan of the print though. The length wasn't flattering either. I normally just wear it around the house. I decided to give the dress a quick refashion to see if breaking up the print will make it look less dated. 

thrift store dress to skirt set diy

thrift store refashion

To make this a super easy project be sure to work with a dress that has a waistband or elastic waist. You'll need to put in work if you work on one that has a zipper. Good luck to ya!

thrift store dress
sewing machine or Liquid Stitch

1. Cut dress in half. Cut as close as you can get to the waistband separating the top from the bottom. My dress has button in the back so it was easy to cut around the waist. If your dress doesn't open completely in the back, be very careful not to cut too much into the top bodice. That could effect the length you have to work with.

makeover a thrift store dress without sewing

2. Hem the raw edge. Adjust the length of the bodice if necessary. Turn the raw edge under and sew. You can also use liquid stitch for a no sew option. 

3. Cut bottom hem to desired length. When you decide on a skirt length, add 2" inches for the hem. Mark new length and cut. Sew (or Liquid Stitch) the hem.

thrift store dress to skirt diy

It turns out, I like the easy makeover the best. The print is still leaning on the fugly (not in the good way) side. I like the crop top more than the skirt. I think it will go well with my high waisted jeans. High waist jeans will provide a little more belly coverage as I was a little too quick with the scissors. 

crop top and a skirt from a thrift store dress

Should I keep it or let it go?

refashion thrift store dress

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