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Bright Colors in Winter

Sequins and bright colors are exactly what's needed after a long week of semi hibernation. I am super happy with my recently found hot pink sweater. Sure I could have wore it with jeans but I thought it was the perfect day to match it with my vintage orange skirt that hardly ever comes out of the closet.

bright colors winter

It's hard for me to throw on a skirt in winter because you have to find the right tights  and boots that will go with it. As the weather warmed up quite a bit, I opted for pantyhose and pumps instead. Yes. I do still wear pantyhose. Not often but I do. I wanted a bare leg look without actually baring my legs. It warmed up but it's not warm.

pink sweater sequin belt

This orange skirt is also hard to match with other colors. In such a situation, I normally go with black but I don't feel comfortable wearing black and orange together. It feels like I'm dressing for Halloween. Next best option? An equally bright color on top but guess what? My winter wardrobe is really toned down on color. 

banana republic pumps

I think I subconsciously bought clothes that reflect my winter hating heart. There's a lot of black, brown, and dark color. I will absolutely have to change that. Hopefully, the thrift gods will bless me with more neon stunners.

gap luxe sweater

I normally like to limit myself to one extreme pop but gold sequins just felt right.

Do you tone down the color in winter?

THRIFT vintage necklace - Gap sweater - sequin belt - vintage wool skirt - vintage wool skirt - Banana Republic ostrich embossed pumps

***in other news***

The vintage Coach is up for auction in The Thriftanista Closet on eBay! Check it out along with Ferragamo loafers, a Louis Vuitton wallet, and Born ballet flats.

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