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Brocade Pants Blessing from the Thrift Gods

Thank you thrift gods for the awesome brocade pants. I've lusted over them since the J. Crew Spring / Summer 2013 collection. No they aren't J. Crew but they will do. I paid $2.50. Oh yes, they will do.

brocade pants thrifted

Picture it. Saturday evening, I'm full and bloated after eating a delicious ethiopian feast. I get a call from Girl Get a Life asking me if was going? Going where, I say. She said there was a Salvation Army 50% pop up sale (7p until closing) posted in the Thriftanista Social Club FB page. What? 

how to wear brocade pants

A 50% off all tag sale is a rarity at my local Salvation Army. I am absolutely going!

ideas for what to wear with brocade pants

We came. We saw. And in 3 hours we conquered. Girl Get A Life spied the brocade pants first. She didn't think they would fit her. As I'm near drool stage over them, I greedily removed them from her hands and put them in my cart. I tried them on in store even though I wasn't in my thrift shopping leggings. Luckily, we chose right and hit up the fancy upscale Salvation Army with the changing rooms. 

thrifted j crew style brocade pants

They fit and they were the perfect ankle length for my stubs short legs. In short (har har har), these are the best friggin pants ever! I love ankle length. I love brocade. I love thrift shopping. Best part? I didn't have to pay $100+.

What do think? Are you down with brocade?

silk brocade pants
THRIFT vintage 80s Jeanna sweater - vintage yellow ring - reversible leather clutch - Silk Box brocade pants GIFT Just Fab silver pumps

***in other news***

See one of the other gems from my thrift haul on instagram. It's another Girl Get a Life castoff! Thrifting is fun. Thrifting with friends is even more fun!

wearing a mix of brocade and metallics


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