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The Other Side of the Street for the Socially Awkward

I'm shy and socially awkward masquerading as a social butterfly. I have never been about that on-location-picture-taking life. I've been wanting to take pics across the street. It's esthetically more appealing but I've always felt nervous about people looking at me. Yesterday, I was ready. Getting to the other side of the street is a big deal. 

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As a kid, I hated to walk alone because I was afraid that someone would say hi to me or look in my direction. There was no salutatory address at my high school graduation because I refused to speak. In college, I was super close to quitting in my final year so that I wouldn't have to give a required presentation. I continued to struggle with shyness and introverted tendencies while in the workforce often tensing up and drawing blanks when conversing with coworkers and clients.

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The couple of years have really pushed my limits and helped me push past social anxiety and general feelings of weirdness. I acknowledge the feeling but I don't let it stop me (most of the time).

floral skirt with animal print shoes

Trying to push a baby out of my body for 7 hours as strangers watched and/or got up close and personal with my lady bits. Being so "open" made me feel strangely powerful after it was all over. It makes doing regular stuff like walking down a street fully clothed easier. Sometimes, I say hello first!

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Another push was putting myself in front of the camera for the blog. I never would have imagined myself doing it. I have insecurities. I WAS a shrinking violet. The more I do it, the more confident I become. I no longer feel so uncomfortable with the way I look or the way I talk. I even say hello to the folks walking in front of my camera. I didn't even think about what they were thinking of me.

floral skirt ideas

Tomorrow I go across the street again. I'll be at SoFabCon meeting a whole lot of new people and in unfamiliar surroundings. Yes! That does scare the bejesus about of me!  I know I have made strides though. In the past, I simply would have stayed home.

File this post under random.

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