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3 Fly Must Have Accessories for Spring + Giveaway

Wearing yellow pants aren't the only way to punch up your spring wardrobe. Fly accessories will also do the trick! These thrifted must have accessories are in my closet but they could be in yours...

spring accessories vintage 80s clutch

1. Yellow Clutch Purse

A bright yellow clutch can only accentuate your outfit. Wear it with all black. Wear it with all white. Wear it with all colors in between. It's the perfect pop of color to perk up an outfit.

spring accessories yellow clutch purse

I found this one at Vintage Garage here in Chicago. It's yellow leather! It sports a yellow plastic frame and a yellow lining. Love! It cost a bit more than I like to pay but I just couldn't resist the bold, bright color.

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses hide a case of the "squintees" and shield your eyes from the sun or the glare of a bright yellow purse. They are also a great had a late night warm weather makeup. If you don't want to go full face on a hot, humid day wear sunglasses. They add depth with no contouring required. Don't wear them indoors though 'cause that's just...

spring accessories aviator sunglasses

I thrifted these aviator sunglasses last year. The aviators are sleeker than my Foster Grants but I rarely wear them because I like mine super gigantic! (that's what she said)

3. Vibrant Bracelets

Bracelets are a great "throw on and go" accessory.Wear one or wear a few. All the same color or different colors. It only takes seconds to slide them on your wrist!

spring accessories vibrant bracelets

This set of colored bangles are from the Ohio Savers thrift haul. I only recently rediscovered them. They were well hidden in my jewelry box.


I set a monthly giveaway goal and if you haven't already guessed, this is it!  This trio of thrifted spring accessories can be yours!

spring accessories giveaway

Just complete the rafflecoptor entry form below. There's 1 quick entry. Leave your email address in the Rafflecoptor form and you're done! Of course, there's a slew of extra entries.

Contest ends on 6/1.

Good luck!


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