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Thrift Style: vintage trench coat, DVF boots, and CJ jeans

I love putting together completely thrifted looks especially when the price is under $25!  Great price for a trench coat, DVF boots and CJ by Cookie Johnson jeans. This is a typical everyday mom uniform for me. I'm casual and comfortable but heels and a tucked shirt give me a more pulled together look.

Spring trench coat lilac purple

I pulled out my favorite trench coat. Any guesses as to why it's my favorite? Yep. It's the color purple. Pastels also happen to be on trend right now so I'm glad to have found it! I like trench coats but the classic shape does nothing for me. I like the full a-line skirt. It hugs at the waist and flows away from the hips. It's long but not too long. It also fits my arms well. Always a good thing when your arms are freakishly short.

thrifted trench coat

I've had it over a year and this is probably my third time wearing it. It's hard to find the perfect day to wear it in Chicago. It's either too cold or too hot for it. 

spring raincoat trench coat

The granny bag is from a Goodwill haul. I can't tell if it's vintage or not. The fabric is a cool vintage "mad men" style but the wooden handles don't look like they're very worn. I did find a very old straight pin in the bag. It was probably used for sewing or knitting supplies. 

granny bag bought at goodwill

I use it as a laptop bag. It fits perfectly.

completely thrifted outfit

I didn't get much wear out of the DVF ankle boots this winter. Probably because I haven't been able to find them in the cave closet. 

thrifted button up shirtBird blouse and jeans get serious wear time from me. The cost per wear on these basics make them bascially free!

thrift store diane von furstenberg booties

In other news, congratulations to Laila who won the $25 Bed Bath & Beyond giveway! 

Next giveaway will be from a thrift haul. What do you think it will be?


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